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Chelsea, draw. Milan did not win the championship.


Event Highlights Thursday, November 8, 2018:

European Championships:

AC Milan were tied 1-1 with Real Betis in Group F of the European Championship. Arsenal showed a negative appearance in the match against Sporting Lisbon in Group E at the Emirates Stadium. The same pass card in the next league.

– Positive draw with Real Betis and AC Milan

Defeated Olympique Marseille (Arsenal) and Aston Villa (Aston Villa) 2-2 to beat UEFA Champions League winners Inter Milan 1-0 in the fourth round.

– Chelsea beat Batty Borisov 1-0 to advance to 32

All results:

Spain :

Argentinian manager Santiago Solari has earned the trust of Real Madrid players and coaches in a short period of time and is likely to continue to be a "temporary manager," according to Spanish press reports.


– Solari takes over the throne of Madrid!

Brazilian playmaker Philippe Coutinho has been suspended for three weeks due to Inter Milan treatment and injury in the fourth round of the Champions League.


– Official: Barcelona, ​​announced the injury of Coutinho!

Santiago Solari, coach of Real Madrid, said that while many people watched the improvement and decline of the big stars, Meringhi's new star and Juleen Lobetighe, the champion of Europe, He boldly proved his name, emphasizing his ability to change shape.


– Venecius begins to wake up mythical figures early and imposes a solitaire hero.

Barcelona's Malcolm has revealed his secret by scoring a valuable goal scored in the last match against Inter Milan in the Champions League.


– Malcolm advises Val Verde in the match against Inter Milan

Spain 's coach Louise Enrique returned Jodi Alba' s left defense for the first time since being appointed coach after the 2018 World Cup. He denied the "personal problem" with the player he had previously supervised.


– Enrique returns to Spain

The Paris Court of Appeals dismissed five judgments related to the enforcement scandal against Kaibenzema and Mathieu.


– Supreme Court agrees to resume investigation into Benzema case

England :

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola admitted that the penalty given by Rahim Stirling was wrong.


– Guardiola justifies Sterling's punishment and attacks it to attack Liverpool

Despite three months since his disbandment, the result of Chelsea 's dismissal of Antonio Coonti is still strong.


– Conte refuses to agree with Chelsea and demands "tremendous" financial compensation!

The French coach Didier Deschamps received a reward for his contract on Thursday.


– Deschamps rewards Manchester United for their brilliance.

Italy :

Cristiano Ronaldo (37, Portugal) has entered the World Cup qualifier against Italy and Poland.


– The absence of Ronaldo continues on the Portuguese list.

Previous news:

Inter Milan have also signed on for Milan Slovakia defender Milan Selena, who also needs to sign for Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United.


– Inter Milan with Manchester United

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