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Beirut. A protest stands against the murder of activist Salim


Beirut / Wasim Seif El-Din / Anatolia

Dozens of Lebanese journalists and activists protested in downtown Beirut on Saturday, denying the murder of activist Luqman Salim.

On Thursday, Salim was found dead in his car in the Adousiya area, in southern Lebanon, while the country’s judiciary announced the opening of an investigation into the circumstances of the murder.

According to the correspondent of the Anadolu agency, the participants raised the Lebanese flag and shouted slogans accusing the assassination of Salim, and attacked the organization “Hezbollah”, of which the political activist Salim was one of his most prominent opponents.

The protesters, through a statement read by political activist Harith Suleiman, called on the sidelines to unite in the face of tyranny and bloodshed around the abducted state. to restore power and regain power in a civil state. “

The statement said: “Al-Qomman Salim has no confidence in the investigations conducted by the prosecution offices after testing their impotence with all the previous killers.”

He stressed that “the time has come for the Arab League and the United Nations to find ways to protect the Lebanese from the disastrous consequences caused by the criminal behavior of the system of failure, corruption and dependence on the outside world.”

Beirut. A protest stands against the murder of activist Salim

Salim, 58, is a prominent activist and one of the most prominent opponents of the pro-Iranian “Hezbollah”, which has a large influence and influence in southern Lebanon.

Salim set up the UMM research and documentation center in a part of his family’s home in Haret Hreik in the southern suburbs of Beirut, the Hezbollah stronghold, which was seen as a challenge to the party.

The deceased was previously subjected to various “betrayal” campaigns by supporters of “Hezbollah” and her ally “Amalbeweging”, so they entered his garden last year, leaving him a threatening message, with bullets and a silencer fluttering.

At the time, Salim issued a statement accusing him of any attack on Hezbollah, led by Hassan Nasrallah, and the Amal Movement led by Speaker Nabih Berri.

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