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Azmi Bishara and the battle of Arab thinkers


Akhbar al-Youm current news Azmi Bishara and the leadership of Saudi Arabian news source – the new Arab with the details of the news Azmi Bishara and the battle of # 39; Arab thinker:

Akhbar al-Youm – The French newspaper Le Monde published a number of discussions with the intellectual Azmi Bishara. It is not worthwhile to target people who are against him, and those who are sympathetic to Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates. They have a rivalry with the State of Qatar, and in this context it is only the legal and misleading of literature to be downloaded and loaded with what is not a prophet. The revolutionary people have their own local causes and even their transformation must be first and foremost locally, and in a very bad way, Azmi Bishara will be believed to be for her or for her. In the same context, Katari policy for revolutions or the rest of Golf can not be explained by Bisharas ideas; Gulf-Gulf differences are subdivisions in Doha.

Palestine First
Azmi Bishara is known in Europe, political, parliamentary and university, for living in Doha. His direction grew after the founding of the Arab Center for Research and Study Studies, the Doha Institute for Postgraduate Studies, various magazines and the management of intellectual and political seminars. . Prior to responding to the dialogue with Le Monde, he did not respond to 'breaks', but Palestinian and Arab issues arose and called him. The idea consists of political risk (the operation of 'century' and the conversation of Jerusalem transition as the capital of Israel) and the establishment of the populist legal framework in ' developed world, governing & # 39; the rights of 'conserved classes and the rights of' the people, especially the rights of & # 39; . At the same time, the West supports dictatorships and tyranny in the Arab world and elsewhere, making it an intellectual confrontation or a dialogue for the Europeans is a message from a well-known thinker. , What he called by criticism of US President Barack Obama's policy in Syria and the Arab revolutions.
Azmi Bishara focuses on both the Hamas and Fatah movements, governing the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. This calls for the re-activation of PLO, restoration of & quot; the political role of Palestine population, and press on these two organizations to replace the division. The situation in Palestine requires Fatah and Hamas to prevent new movements and a new organization representing the new stage, the situation has stabilized after the Oslo Convention, and after the great deviation of all the components The PLO.

The Arab world and the secularization of Islamists
Azmi's vision is the gospel of a European and American vision of # 39; the priority of stability in the Middle Ages – the support of dictatorial and sectarian regimes, the offer of peoples and their revolutions. As

"The problem with Bishara is in its full support of Arab revolutions and this is a matter that has all the reactions really fulfilled"

The dialogue function is to refer to this problem, that is to expose the western policy and thus to reduce freedom and democracy, not only in the Arab world, but also in Europe and America. He criticizes the vision of # West of # the east as sectors in the composition, and that the sectarian warrior (Sunni and Shia) is not new, it is always present in & # 39; The composition Azmi Bishara responded by saying: It is secretariat that produces sects, not the other way around. If you are producing sectarian and seeds product, and that it is the current product of these sectors, and so the directors are supported by the West to resume secularism, the cause of these conflicts and identity politics.
The bargains of Benjamin Bart attempted to refer to the role of Bishara in Arab politics, special revolutions, and the response was focused on the role of ' the intellectual in politics. So the thinker can not think of it. The meaning of thought and its influence is connected to the specific diligence of the teacher, and the male control of & # 39; the centers and the support of media institutes are actions that are under the scope of & # 39; a political and revolutionary war, this is everyone who is involved in revolutions and changes in the Arab world. (Defamation in # Azmi Bishara role) in all this?
The problem with Azmi Bishara is its full support for the revolutions, is a problem that all the regimes have eliminated. It is an Arab regime that has not been destroyed with the revolutions and in the course of ' would be the worst formulation of the reform? This happened in all countries there were no revolutions. A special relationship between Beshara (the intellectual intelligence of revolutions), as described in & # 39; the portrait, and the "Muslim Brotherhood", as if they were the factory of you, and the only thing that is involved in political action. The Muslim Brugge is an old organization in the Arab world, and independent of # 39; The discussion does not stop how the establishment and employment and the history of this group and its branches in all Arab countries and others are a serious and unexpected discussion on how to participate Political life, especially after 2011, This is about the need to change their attitude and opinions about the concept of a religious state, or what it establishes and the concept of a modern state based on civil rights and human rights The state is totally dependent on politics, but at the same time guarantees the political participation of all political forces, Azmi Bishara Nasso published this Many people have encountered this problem, and the need to address the problem of & # 39; 39; a distinction between politicians, that is to say, the democratic act "Muslim Brotherhood", and every brotherhood of # 39; to make the state and Tdienha and become a political party. This issue is referred to in the media on political islam, which in & # 39; politics should be taught and complete choices in religious affairs, faith and others, but also to guarantee the other freedom of choice, in the belief of beliefs, disobedience, agnosticism and others.

Qatar revolutions
There is more than one demand in which the calls are attempting to get Azmi Bishara's status over a state

"Accurate security control over all activities related to universities, research, publishing and culture in the Arab world"

Qatar, and was not wounded by man, his answer was that he was a guest, and would not revolutionize a country, but also said that it was necessary to execute various reforms. In addition, he asked whether the Qatari people would come out, his answer was clear and precise: he would support him, he would be with the Qatari people if he followed the rest of the Arabs. This is why we ask: Did the revolutions artificialized or did they find objective reasons? The problem is just here: how will a revolution of Qatar come to be? This is a rudimentary debate, meaning only from & # 39; the wrong port and the missing pieces.
"I prefer the reform for the revolution, it's the safest," says Azmi Bishara. This is followed by revolutions that lead to tyranny. If the reformative path occurs, it is even long to learn problems, speaks the attitude of people, the pain of ' Silence on suspicions, as is life with death, deeper with extreme conquest, in 2011? And what will the thinker do? There are two options: stand with regimens or people. Azmi Bishara simply chose the bottom of the revolution's revolution and realization of democracy, and all the targets of a modern transition from # 39; to make Arab countries possible.
"The revolutions have changed the seeds of change, and the change will come through reforms, revolutions, economic crisis or war, and the alternatives will be completed, and there will be less naive." This is what Bishara says, if the reality does not come back in 2011, and he has explained the reasons for this precisely because of the technical aspect of the dialogue, but the number of reasons or above. If revolutions have been renewed, the regimes will be fulfilled and will disappear against the interests of human beings. This idea leads the reader to go a great deal, where there are many writers, and they share the spirit of objections and say it has been endless (the hard winter, the autumn of revolution, the victory from controls). Yes, the revolutions did not win, and they realized the great goals they wished (democracy, social justice and public freedoms), but also the regime failed and could no longer carry out inventions, their (economic) crisis would develop the revolutions. In this regard, the neo-liberal policy, which was the cause of revolutions, would be as a destruction of # industry and agriculture. This has a huge mass of unemployment, reducing middle class and the convergence of their economic and social status. If the "changes in revision" are being used, people will not be redone again.

Cultural projects
He did not live in Syria and tried for his final decision in Qatar to recover relations between Palestinians

"Bishara: Our opposition is a" democratic culture "

The occupied territories in 1948 and the Arabs of the rest of # 39; the Arab countries. This action was at the same time a breach of Israel and Arab bonds. Israel prefers that, and the rules prevent it, and the reason is the same argument, that is to deal with the enemy. In all cases, Bishara calculates what he plans for Qatar, as he has already had a cultural and media kingdom, not only platforms. If the media aspect is determined in support of revolutions and breaks of & # 39; The problems of Arab reality, especially the Syrian, are the basic aspect of the cultural aspect. Any belief of status of Arab universities, and comparing it with a gospel work of evangelism, will be for the Institute of Studies and Others. Qatar will benefit from # the reputation of & # 39; man and everything he builds on their territories, but the question is where are cultural intellectual property projects in our Arab world? It can be related to the lack of cultural monuments, but the base is first connected to tyranny, and the prevention of this tyranny can all cultural and educational projects that can break Arab realities. That is why Arab thinking can do it. This is the main problem. How can we compile data with modern methods, visions and policies, and contribute to offering opportunities for young people as thinkers, researchers, analysts and all fields?
There are no serious Arabian research centers, and certainly our universities, especially in the field of humanity and literature, are not busy with this problem, and all creative and thinkers and analysts graduate thereby, it was related to him, his efforts and potential. I think the Syrian government is not a tolerance of a project of the initiative of Sadiq Jalal al-Azm in the middle of # 39; the 1990s. It was about establishing cultural weeks at Damascus University. How much has been involved with it, marginalization and condemnation of corruption!
Culture, education and literature are areas that need a lot of care, support and financing, workers in these areas need a lot of time to innovate, which is ignored. The budgets of culture and education are the lowest among the rest of the budgets. . As such Azmi Bishara has the right to say that Qatar has a great opportunity for cultural, educational and scientific work.

Critics and thought
The image of criticism in & # 39; Arab thought, and the Arab thought itself, leads to the same thought in a problem, not just criticism, why thinkers think to criticize, and why critique comes in & # 39; the most bizarre & heritage of & # 39; ; the other? Why not criticize the text and references first, and the historical context in which the second was found.

"How can we repair a national Arab project, and it is not safe for the rest of the nationalities?"

In other words, why is not critically first and second critically? Perhaps there is a relationship between criticism and democracy, when it is realized, the spirit breaks out of many similarities, sees the thought in all streams as it is and without connecting to the position of politics Vitisis. Thus, development is independent and fixed to knowledge production, and even politics. But in free and conversational ways, away from & # 39; The spirit of deviation and pre-faith, our universities are found in their work, the Arab authorities, like the latest despotism, or universities, are not a space for freedom of spirit and research and thought. There is also a thought in the Arabs, where the idea of ​​# 39; The other is, and only a parish is being tried by the duty of obedience, one is a parish, not a citizen and equals to others.
Revolutions were a great opportunity to learn, think, to recognize the other, the regime was hard pressed, but they failed or above. So there are travelers who have failed, and gathered experiences in the thoughts of & # 39; and people, and will override the mentality of a opposition, not only governments, as Azmi Bishara says, a "democratic culture." In stability, but there will be revolutions, not only rise here and there.
The criticism must now focus on the spread of reality # 39; the revolutions of 2011, why it's not desirable and giving special importance to the # Arab social structure and the Arab authorities and the theory of future future revolutions. : How can the state be world-class, non-anti-religious and how the Islamic and non-Islamic political parties are religious or religious, how can a national Arab project be productive, non-hostile to the rest of & # 39; 39; the nationalities? Revolutions are both national and national. Although the Arabs have been part of a globalized world, it is not a mistake, despite the importance of national development budgets, and, among others, the establishment of a equal relationship, not to withdraw, isolate, and impart. In addition to the former political aspects, there is a need to examine the conditions of the economy, the world and the Arab world as well as how to deal with equitable relations with developed economies, it is possible and can to reflect the experiences of South Korea and China and others? The interchange and motivation for industry, and the general benefit of our society.
The latest idea in this article is criticism of the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACSRM) and its analysis of the latest developments in & nbsp; the Arab world. This is a true distinction to the cultural and media reality that has been established since 2007 since Azmi Bishara.

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