Monday , November 29 2021

America asks for its allies to prevent Huawei devices being used


The US government seeks to reach all of the allies of Wireless & Internet service providers to remove shipmates made by the Huawei Technologies. The Wall Street Journal message on Thursday. The report does not refer to people who say that the United States officers continue their contacts in the region and with telecom directors in friendly countries there are already used Huawei equipment to They see the risk of electronic security.

Huawei is in United States on & # 39; informed.

Intelligence and other intelligence leaders have clarified that Huawei and other Chinese companies will be loyal to the Chinese government or the Communist Party's government, which increases the risk of espionage.

The Wall Street Journal said in Washington's report that an increasing financial support for the development of ' the telecommunications sector in countries that make synthesized devices. The report added that, under the concerns of the government, the use of Chinese communications funds in countries is the country of # 39; US military bases like Germany, Italy and Japan.

A spokesperson of the US Department of Commerce said in a statement that the ministry kept awake all the threat to national security of # 39; America.

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