Tuesday , June 6 2023

Al Marrabi: I will reveal the violations that affect refugees returning to Syria.


Foreign Minister Mohammad Al-Marabi said that "the Foreign Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Jibran Basil confused the work of the ministerial meeting for the replacement and established general policies for the Lebanese government. "He said.

"We receive information about relatives who have returned to Syria from Lebanese refugees, some of them have been killed, kidnapped, and some have been forced." Maroubi is a member of the Human Rights Watch, led by Deputy Director of the Middle East and North Africa, After meeting with the delegation, he said. During his military service, he promised "to the press by providing all the information and evidence, such as providing information or evidence about Syrian refugees, preventing threats to Syria and depriving them of their right to return". There are concerns about relatives living in Syria. Lebanon presented. "

"The release of such violence is not enough to protect at least the return of Syrian refugees and to prevent any violence in the world until a series of violations and killings of Syrian refugees cease and the Palestinian refugees can not escape and return to their homeland, It is clear to the world that it is going on. "

"If we want to help Syrian refugees, we must blame Hezbollah for intervening in Syria, condemn them to withdraw from their towns and villages, kill their sons and forsake their people to Lebanon," Bassil said. We must announce the position of conscription, murder, kidnapping. "

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