Saturday , January 23 2021

Al-Akbar newspaper

76% of children in Beirut, Bekaa and South South suburbs included 82,463 children under 18 years of age who were "dropping out" of forced vaccination according to a field survey conducted by the Islamic Health Authority in 119 villages.

As a result, most parents have ceased essential immunizations for their children after the age of five. More than 70% of all dropouts are children who have been discharged for more than 5 years, and remedies for 10, 14, and 18 years are more important than basic doses. The essential diphtheria (DT) vaccine (tetanus and pertussis) was one of the most visible vaccines that most dropouts never received.
According to Lama Hamwi, head of the health guidance coordination office, there are three types of dropouts in the concept of vaccine leakage. Whole leprechauns, children who have not received a postnatal vaccine, those who have participated in forced immunization, he has all or part of the vaccine, but there is no documented health record.
This figure is consistent with the UNICEF reaching essential vaccine leakage in other parts of Lebanon. "The dropout rate in Lebanon is about 66 percent," said Dr. Ruham Yamout, director of UNICEF immunization program.

Over 70% of those who were aged 5 years or older withdrew from the "

According to Dr. Randa Hamadeh, director of the primary health care department, based on accurate field studies, this remarkable figure points out that "national scientific figures can not be circulated." According to figures released by the government, the national leak rate is only 8%. She explained that there are about 219 meetings in Lebanon. Therefore, the figures released by the Commission and UNICEF are predictable and logical because they include poor and poor regions.
However, the Ministry of Health has many doubts, especially since there is no accurate field survey of fall rates. According to sources, the Cabinet relies on data received from health care centers operated by private organizations, "he said. The commission often manipulates the number of people registered with the association to get the vaccine free of charge. Hamadi said that Hamadeh's words "are not against the results of studying the poor and remote areas."
The «Health Authority» study is part of a «comprehensive vaccination» project that began in 2011 to reduce the need for vaccine leakage. The first phase of the project was conducted in the suburbs of Beaka and the southern suburbs of several children in 119 southern cities and the second phase was completed with the aim of turning those who were not vaccinated into medical centers. The project will be finalized today at the Pearl Hotel's dialogue table in the southern suburbs and will be drafted as a recommendation to be adopted within the framework of the leaking policy.

Major leakage factors
And parental factors that play an important role in outflows show that there are two factors that affect the high dropout rates of mandatory vaccines. Accommodation medical center and parents' vaccination culture was weak. "Foreign refugees highlight the problem of leakage: a mix of refugees with nationality and foreign workers who overlook the vaccination issue helps increase the overall dropout rate due to the combination of fortified and unfrozen environments," Said the chairman. Another factor is the confusion of the vaccine market and sometimes the parents' fear of the vaccine (eg, fever, vaccination, etc.) intentionally increases to sell certain types of medicines targeted at diseases that are suffering from the vaccine. Communities with epidemic problems will move to areas where there is a need for protection. "

Where is the "essential" vaccine?
The Ministry of Health provides a free forced vaccine against 67% of the diseases the community is managing for most of the diseases that can be fatal to the health center or cause permanent illnesses (polio, meningitis, etc.). The vaccine is free, but UNODC Vaccine Officer Dr. Roham Dieut says it is not a vaccination and often "low". Some centers require parents to inspect their children to "spread out" their doctors. This increases the costs of the poor and the poor and contributes to the "disgust" of their parents.
"In some European countries, for example, the health registry of child vaccines is accompanied by an identity and is necessary when conducting transactions," said Lamia Al-Hamwi, a health guidance and coordinator for the Islamic Health Authority . Civil servants and others. She says schools in Lebanon demand a child's health record. "But most health records are sometimes faked by doctors!" Therefore, according to Al Hamwi, rigorous action is needed to effectively control the immunization process and to apply mandatory health records as mandatory documents to individuals.

The learners' children also escape.
Although the education level of the low-income group contributes to the promotion of the middle escape phenomenon, field surveys have shown that many people classified as educated groups neglect their immunizations for a variety of reasons, including frequent and fearsome reasons. Vaccine to your child or result from negligence!

Vaccines are optional.
This study did not include an optional vaccine. Because "the leachate of the essential vaccine will be a judgment leaked from the selective vaccine". "There is an important vaccine that is as important as an essential vaccine like cervical cancer, typhoid."

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