Sunday , May 28 2023

A lot of pain in this area


Elias Hanaksh, a member of Lebanese Battalions MP, Lebanese Battalion MP, visited many public schools with delegations of "Friends of Metn Official Schools" to investigate their needs, . Attract and absorb as many students as possible in this area.

"The formal education sector is suffering a lot, and because the public schools are qualified and only needed for development, the Ministry should allocate more budget to this sector," he said. "All our respect and dedication to the human rights treaty will put pressure on the U.S. to absorb pressure as pressure is put on the Ministry of Education to accept as many Syrian students as possible without sacrificing Lebanese students.

"It's good to find a job," he said. "I think innovation is important," he said. "I want students to learn how to migrate as a way of solving problems. I urged you not to choose. " "When I was in Tokyo, I got a lot of jobs in the US, but I decided to go back to Lebanon because I'm holding hands in the hands of every young person in the country because I want to break down my country."

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