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3000 night .. Journey to look for hope in the # 39; The occupation won dozens of prizes


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Although more than three years ago since the premiere of the movie "3000 nights" by director Mai El Masri, the movie has not yet lost his lustrum, the film is still in the & # 39; the international festivals.

The film will take place on 21st November at the Palestinian Film Festival in London, followed by two shows at the Cairo Film Festival (22-22 November), the Palestinian Film Festival will open on November 26 in Vienna, and the International Film Festival will be on November 29 open to mark the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The film has a long record of impressions and prizes at international festivals. It has participated in more than 50 international film festivals and has won more than 23 international prizes. The film was represented Palestine at the Golden Globe Awards and Jordan as part of the Oscar nominalist for the best foreign language film.

He won 3000 nuts at his first show at the Toronto International Film Festival and was then on a number of international festivals, including the Dubai Film Festival by the Muhr Long Competition, the Swedish Film Festival Malmö in Sweden, the London Film Festival, Stockholm Festival in Sweden and the Goa Festival in India. , The Busan Film Festival, Tallinn Film Festival in Estonia, and his participation in the first edition of Manarat in Tunis, the European Film Festival in Beirut and the Independent Film Festival of Haifa.

The International Movie Award is the best film film at the Malmö Arabic Film Festival in Sweden, the Audience Award at the Arab Film Festival in Rotterdam, the Audience Award at the Arabian Film Festival (Mazneh), Minnesota, and won a special message at the Beirut International Women's Day. s Film Festival, The Interaction Award in the "Meare Film Festival" in France, the jury for international film and television series in & # 39; United States of America, the audience award at the Balladolid Film Festival in Spain and the audience award at the First International Film Festival in Anunay Bayr Nessa, Best Actress Award at the Dhaka International Film Festival in Bangladesh, the Young Prix at the Festival and the International Film Festival in Switzerland.

3000 Nights is a Jewish-Palestinian-French Lebanese production with the participation of UAE and Qatar, and MAD Solutions provides it in & nbsp; The Arab World, the film tells the story of a Palestinian school that put her first child into an Israeli prison. The film Maysa Abdel Hadi, Nadra Omran, Raeda Adon, Rake Saad, Abeer Haddad, Anahid Fayyad, Haifa Agha, Khitam Edelby and Hanna Shamoun.

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