Monday , November 29 2021

Youth multiplayer makes four-roll moped in Liepaja – Criminal News – News


Madara Shershovova, Assistant Head of State of the State Police, issued that on 21 November at 21.45 the State Police received information that a traffic accident in # 39; the city of Liepāja, Kūrmāja Avenue was off.

A young man was born in 2003, on K.Uliha Street, a motle ride Aixam city, caused a collision with a car Audi, led by a man born in 1996, "his range.

There are no people who have accidentally been injured, information from police is reported. However, as seen in photo's, the four-ropmoped serial is damaged. Mana misused a car Audi.

A report on the registration of a traffic accident was made by the police.

This is the third traffic accident caused by a driver of bicycle that can be sold from 14 years.

The first crash in the summer came on Pasta Street – the rider rammed and shot the summer break of # 39; Cafeteria. The second crash in the autumn was found in # 39; The crossroads of Klaipeda and Ventas streets, where a four-moped pedestrian cyclist was shot in a boy scout, which was seriously injured.

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