Monday , November 29 2021

Young boys are fortunate about IKEA, putting their personal photos in all frames


People in London, "IKEA" in Vilnius, for emotional, invented the idea of ​​his personal photos on all frames of # 39; to take the exposition. It took five hours for two weeks, one of the tatteliers, an article released by the Lithuanian scientist Erik Mališauskas at

IKEA had to make her. Thank God they were not prepared, "says young people.

An Englishman, Erik Mališauskas and his girlfriend, Gintarė Pečkytė, believed that the photo IKEA in # 39; The interior of the shop was "too late and prevented," they try to improve it. To capture all photoframes, both have found they are over 100. Youngsters used the photos they've created on their Instagram accounts and start printing them.

Eventually, Erik decided to go to IKEA with his girlfriend on a Saturday, as the store is the most popular money with the people, so it's hard to catch them.

"First we were hiding in the toilet, so we were not determined after a while we were realizing that no one was interested in what we do, we relocated and started to go home," says Eric.


"We also put some images of our trip to Denmark," says young people.



Young people do not even ask the smallest frames in the most invisible places.





IKEA employees have been drafted with a challenge and placed their personal photos in frames.

"The young couple wrote in her blog that she had come up with a way to replace all photos in her IKEA store to make her shop personal and original, but they did not know that IKEA was not chosen randomly, said Kristina Mažeikyte, IKEA marketing manager in the Baltic States.

In fact, some of the photos are # s in the IKEA store indicated by the staff member, while another part of # The photo will be certified from the IKEA – archive, thematically adapted to the layout and purpose of each room. For example, if the room is designed for children, then the frames that are in place will make you happy photo shoots of children.

"To prove this, IKEA collegials today decorated the exposure programs with their family photos. More than 600 photos were replacing in total, and several dozen IKEA employees were involved in the project , "said K. Mažeikyte.

Photographs of original staff at the IKEA store in Vilnius will be open until November 30. They are then replaced by the ordinary photo.

If you know, the trade show IKEA, the heavyweight show, was opened on August 30 this year in Latvia and has brought hundreds of people into the opening.

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