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Why take special care of your eyes in the fall? – In harmony – Selfish


All these factors increase the quality of life, disrupt normal work, rest and daily routine. But if we can not influence external phenomena in any way, then there is still a way to prevent their negative effects on the eyes.

First of all, it is ventilation in rooms where you have been for a long time. You also need regular rest from smart devices to keep your eyes off monitors and monitors. A simple exercise for the eyes will also help – look into the distance, then close. And, of course, do not forget that there are medicines called “artificial tears”.

According to ophthalmologists, good lighting in the apartment or office will also help protect the eyes. It’s getting dark early now, which means people are spending more and more time on artificial lighting. It is necessary to have a separate lamp at the desk, not just a general light. No need to watch TV in the dark! The same goes for viewing information or videos on a computer or phone screen.

Ophthalmologist Jekaterina Skitecka advises people

who wear contact lenses, more often wear glasses – in the fall many different viruses appear, and this will help prevent them from getting in the eyes.

It will certainly help by visiting medical facilities where all kinds of viruses are already waiting.

“In the fall, there are fewer vitamins, and colds keep us more frequent,” says ophthalmologist Jekaterina Skitecka, “so we remember our vitamins A and E, lutein and zeaxanthin.” The food currently available to eyes healthy are blueberries, oranges, broccoli and spinach. Of course, let’s not forget about pears and apples. Pharmacies sell special vitamin complexes for the eyes, which contain mainly vitamins A, E, and, if the retina of the eye is at risk, then lutein and zeaxanthin. Zinc and all trace elements are there together.

Anyone who cares about their vision should know about the natural pigment, which is not produced by our body, but the quality and clarity of human vision depends on it. This is lutein.

Its main function is to increase visual acuity by filtering a portion of the solar spectrum before it reaches photoreceptors, which convert light energy into nerve impulses. Thanks to this we can see even the smallest details clearly. At the same time, lutein blocks the effects of the blue, purple, aggressive part of the sun’s spectrum, and protects the reticular membrane from free radicals that form in light. This protects the retina from damage due to changes in age and external factors.

It is lutein that helps in improving the sharpness of vision and the difference in details, enhances protection against free radicals that are formed in direct light. When there is no lutein in the body, vision suffers greatly – the clarity of the visible image decreases, the retina degenerates, the lens becomes cloudy and there is partial blindness.

Lutein is extremely important in some processes of human life, but the body cannot produce it itself. Therefore, the required amount of this substance should come from outside – with food as vitamin supplements. “

Scientists have developed several vitamin complexes containing lutein, taking into account the properties of our body and the results of the latest research. Complex with OMEGA-3 fatty acids (effective for eye protection and slows the development of eye disease), vitamin A (restores and improves the adaptation of the eyes to dark), riboflavin (improves the conductivity of the eye fibers) and zinc (improves energy and regeneration processes in eye tissues).

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