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"We talked about the situation, and I am happy about the progress of Kristaps." – Basketball – Sportacentrs.com


On Thursday, Fizdeil said that Portizig, who is continuing the recovery process due to the injury of the crossing races that he had experienced nine months ago, is able to run slowly with his feet. Fizdeil also said there has been no significant progress in the recovery process since the training camp began. Meanwhile, Porzigny was not happy with this statement, Instagram Post photos showing skydiving in profile.

Fizdeil says he sat on a table with Porzinger at the gym training hall Friday morning and talked about the situation. Now the player and coach are thinking about what is happening. "We had a good conversation, he worked as hard as he could," Fizdeil said. "I think what he wrote was perceived as a criticism that he did not work hard, he personally recognized it, and people thought so."

The main trainer said he had not previously known that Portage was running a sprint. For 23 years, he took Latvian Sprint runners to a place other than the team training base. "I am glad when I see great progress," Fizdeil said, not afraid to jest. "Next, I went with her a little bit, because I had to get out of bed immediately."

His personal physical therapist, who is in charge of the recovery process, is working with Porzingy. There are some people who are responsible for the Knicks that even proposed a place for full speed. "I am the only idiot who did not know he went to the stadium," Fizdeil said. "I will be glad when he comes back.I am not very interested in the daily reports.If he comes back, I will be very happy, but I will focus on other basketball players."

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