Sunday , June 13 2021

Top productions of Bernard Albas House at Liepaja Theater – Cinema – Culture +

Federico Garcia Lorca (1898-1936) is one of the most famous poets and playwrights in Spanish culture and "Bernard Albas House" is mentioned as one of his works.

V. Meikšāns compared the poetic text of Lork's play with the tango rhythm that poet Edvīns Raups translated into Liepaja theater production.

"Bernard Albas Auckland" will be a story of women in the male world. After her husband's death, Bernard Albas's house is declared mourning. Her daughters are subject to the laws, controls, and thorough treatment of the mother tongue. When the eldest daughter is given a chance to get together, Bernard's house begins to divorce. The inconsistency between the nurses and the love of the sister of the sister whom some of them are afraid invade.

"I am interested in the women's world, and the process of trying with many actresses is already an adventure in itself." Lorca is a passionate writer and passion will be on the upcoming show. Of course – in the situation where the energy of many women is in prison on four walls, the bombing should only happen. This is a Spanish song, so the actors set themselves up with different speeds, dynamics and emotions. Meiksāns says.

"We read this story and looked at the nature of the image realistically, but the element of the condition would not fail."

Actors Inese Kucinska, Anda Albuže, Sigita Jevgļevska, Laura Jeruma, Agnese Jēkabsone, Samira Adgezalova, Karīna Tatarinova, Elza Gauja, who will debut at the Liepaja Theater Stage, Victor Eller, Peter Lapins.

As usual, the director creates stage space and music tracks, but performers Marija Rozite, costume designer Evija Pintāne and Baiba Litiña, and lighting artist Martins Feldmanis also support the show.

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