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The sixth part of the driver does not follow an agreed statement because of superstition – Roads and Law – Cars


To facilitate the daily life of the driver, LTAB developed and implemented the Mobile Associated Communication feature in the LTAB OCTA application. New application capabilities enable CSNg victims to quickly and easily ascertain the status of the incident, provide information about the parties involved, validate the data and electronically transfer it to the insurer. Considering that the LTAB OCTA application is connected to an LTTA database maintained by LTAB, data entry for the victim will take less time because it automatically arrives at the agreed upon notification protocol. In addition, the agreed statement will be approved by both signed parties and will bind all insurers.

"Although the popularity of generally agreed statements has increased significantly in recent years (53.5% in 2009, 63.9% in September this year), the LTAB statistics indicate that there is a meaningful difference in the percentage of informed consent usage in other regions of Riga and Latvia. Juris Stengrevics of the Joint Commission noted that the proportion of CSNg registered in the largest Latvian city with an agreement is less than 50% in certain rural areas, including Ratgal, if the ratio exceeds 70%.

New unified notifications for LTAB OCTA applications are already available on Android devices and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play online store. Apple Harmonized Communication features for smartphone users are also available in the following application updates from the Apple Store. "In addition to granting the necessary permissions to handle reminders at CSNg moments whenever possible, we also invite drivers to download LTAB OCTA applications from their smartphones," says J. Stengrevics.

As Sejt Courms, campaign partner at BigBank Latvia, says: "As a bank, we are always trying to educate our customers about the services we offer, so we are excited to be part of a campaign to unveil new and innovative products, electronically accessible and agreed statements We also believe that a new way of communicating now, through digital endeavors to make it as easy as possible for our customers to do everyday activities, will make life easier for many people. "

Campaigns are funded through the prevention and prevention of traffic accidents, which are funded by insurance companies in the OCTA policy.

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