Thursday , January 27 2022

The Latvian LMT operator verifies data encryption using quantum methods


To ensure the highest level of data transfer security in both civil and defense, LMT has collaborated in research and development of quantum network with the Latvian network equipment manufacturer MikroTik and innovations of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science (LU MII) of the University of Latvia.

The first test has already taken place, LU WMD scientists send quantum coded data over the LMT network. This is an important step in reducing cyber security risks.

Quantum technology is a class of technology that develops radical innovations based on quantum physics. These innovations include data processing with quantum computers, secure communications provided by quantum networks and cryptography, quantum science, and more. Currently, various quantum technologies are being developed in Latvia, such as quantum software and algorithms, various devices, and the quantum internet.

The use of quantum encoding devices in data transmission improves communication security. Since 2019, ID Quantique QKD “Clavis3” hardware has been used to distribute LU WMD quantum keys. During the initial tests of LMT and LU WMD data transmission collaboration, quantum switches were synchronized with ~ 2000 bps.

In 2021, LMT, LU MII and MikroTik signed a memorandum of cooperation on research and development of quantum technologies. The note includes research into the use of quantum technologies and plans that MikroTik will develop in collaboration with LMT and LU MII cryptographic equipment suitable for quantum cryptography chips.

Joris Bindi, President of LMT
Various industries around the world, especially finance, medicine and defense, have a strong interest in the use of quantum computing and quantum communication. The European Union has launched an initiative for the development of digital infrastructure, including quantum computing and quantum networks. In addition, the use of quantum technologies for the development of mobile networks has many advantages, including great potential for the development of new products and services.

John Thule, CEO of MikroTik
New technological opportunities are equal to potential products, services and innovations in all fields, be it business, science, education or medicine. The more effort and resources we invest today in technological development, the more technologically advanced we will be tomorrow.

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