Friday , August 12 2022

The government committee will discuss an emergency at the NMPD in Riga's Regional Center / Dienne.


On Monday morning, health minister Anda Čaksa (ZZS) will meet with Liene Cipuli, head of the NMPD, who will discuss this issue on the Cabinet committee.

LETA reported that the NMPD has already decided to announce the emergency medical situation at the Riga Regional Center in connection with the fact that doctors do a lot of work.

Cipule told reporters that the service is related to uncertainty about next year's complaints about medical service staff, "massive outflow of doctors" related to high wages and disproportionately low wages, and medical rewards.

Cipule has to pay attention to team work plans and call classification in order to solve the situation and point out that this will result in more frequent rejection of people if their lives are not threatened.

According to Cipule, we plan to talk to the Ministry of Health and the Cabinet to find solutions to the current problem. This service submits work orders and data to MoW and the government.

At the same time, Cipule pointed out that there is no reason for residents not to be surprised by the fact that emergency services are not provided because the service continues to operate with normal rhythms. In other words, if there is a direct threat, life and health will be guaranteed.

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