Sunday , May 29 2022

The BMW application in Latvia will also allow the use of services in a virtual environment


The new combined auto-technology changes the relationship between people and cars – the cars become more digital, more seamless and smart and can be customized to the individual needs increasingly. At the same time, when cars are easier, they need to strengthen their capabilities by users, Christopher Grote, Senior Vice President of BMW Electronics Electronics, said on the annual Lisbon Web Summit.

This approach is also affiliated with the latest BMW models with the latest BMW 7.0 operating system. It is based on a full focus on the sender, so that the screens and control functions can be customized and arranged as much as it is easier for him or her. For example, To recover the software, you will no longer go to the service, but it will be done away.

"In Latvia we also have a step forward in further widespread use of technology, and in the sense of individual needs of each user. In November, we have included a free Inchcape BMW Latvia mobile app for our customers is available on Android and iOS. "With the help of BMW car owners and Inchcape Motors Lettings are the BMW customers, and everyone who is interested in & # 39; 39; the car, have access to their unique BMW profile at any time and place, "said Kristin Nesaule, Sales Manager at BMW Inchacape Motors Latvia.

The app will be using to wait for a service or car wait, read books, read the latest BMW news and updates, and receive stock quotes. For customer service, the app's news will be adjusted to suit any owner of the engine model.

"We have been convinced that the mobile phone" Inchcape BMW Latvia "is the most current and most commonly used by Latvian car dealers," says Nesaule.

"The evening will simplify the function of app, so you do not just look at the images of your tire or wheels, but also their state of affairs. An additional user has the ability to access digital access to the storage documentation , adds Nesaule.

Attention to customer safety, the app also connects at any time of the day with BMW's Mobile Care 24h Roadside Assistance Emergency Support Center in Europe.

Also, the app also has the ability to view the car product status as the customer choose a caretype that needs his or her purchase as a purchase of a car from the manufacturer's manufacturer.

Another step in which the BMW group was confronted in the wider use of technology in & # 39; Automotive production is the collaboration with the critical software company, which each made Critical TechWorks company. The task of this community is to ensure the flexibility of cycling compatibility with IT-welfare solutions and to ensure product dissemination and transformation in mobile technology. At the same time, the goal of the new business is to attract industrial quality.

All of these steps form the form of BMW's vision for a modern car – elegant outdoor and decorated design, with the latest in technology for security, functionality and entertainment to provide comfort to the driver and passengers.

Inchcape BMW Latvia free apps available on App Store and Google Play Shops.

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