Saturday , February 4 2023

Students will also continue testing Covid-19 in their spare time


On Friday, many children came to school smiling and happy. A transcript of records has been received and the fall break has begun. However, testing students in schools will continue next week so that they can safely resume their studies after their free time. On the other hand, quarantine students should keep in mind that the test, which must be taken before returning to school, should not be left on the last day of leisure time. Laboratory capacity is only dimensional.

Many families plan to travel, and infectious diseases do not see much danger in these plans.

“Previously, non-vaccinated signs for children should be feared. And other countries should be afraid of us, of Latvia and of our free time. Because Covid-19 spreads uncontrollably and a lot for us,” said Dace Zavadska, president of the National Immunization Board.

Doctors invite you to enjoy your free time by going out or exercising. However, those returning from a trip abroad should remember that in not many countries do the non-vaccinated, including children, have to go into isolation.

“It should be considered that if you are coming from a trip, despite the vaccinated parents, there is this absence from school and public places. You will have to study at a distance,” Zavadska said.

The virus is also spreading rapidly among children and adolescents.

“We are seeing the number of positive cases increase here. We have quarantined 80 lessons today, an absolute Bior record. The school testing laboratory emphasizes that this is one of the reasons why test students will continue next week. Most likely , at the same time and on the day of training.The reason – no laboratory will be able to process thousands of samples if everyone decides to go through the saliva tests before returning to school the following Friday.

The results will be late. And it will be days, not hours, because it is not possible for every laboratory to test such a part in one day, “

told “Bior” Deputy Director of Laboratory Affairs Olga Valciņa.

New after the autumn holidays – antigen tests will be delivered to schools, and children will also be able to test themselves in educational institutions.

“These will be self-tests, children will even be able to take a sample of their noses. We know – who is who,” Valcina said.

The students’ fall vacation will last a week, and on October 25, those students and faculty whose Covid-19 tests will be negative will meet in person again.


With the height of the Covid-19 incident in Latvia, a state of emergency was declared in the medical sector. Doctors raised concerns about the immediate need for strict restrictions in the country.

The government decided from October 11 to declare a state of emergency in the country for three months, which is the third time in the Covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, restrictions have been introduced to increase the coverage of Covid-19 vaccination. The emphasis was on teleworking and the obligation for state and municipal employees to vaccinate against Covid-19. There are also restrictions on trade, services, catering and culture.

In turn, schools can continue to work from face to face with masks for all children.

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