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Split playing night 2017/2018 Awards. Annual Performance – "Soul Utenis"


On November 23, 2012, Eduards Smiļģis celebrated the best performances and individual performances of the theater season on & # 39; the ceremony "Spam Nats" on the Latvian National Theater. It must be established that this theater company is typically presented 25 times.

On the established ceremony, the # was made by director Gundars Silakaktins and led by Dailes Theater actor Lauris Subatnieks, were awarded prizes in 22 categories.

The latest sexual productions, with more than 100 performances, were assessed by the jury: theater critic and chairman of the jury committee Edīte Tishheizere, playwright Andra Rutkevicha. theater critic and scientist Ieva Rodiņa, theater historian Janis Silins and playwright and historian Eduard Linins.

The prize for lifetime contribution was received by the national playwright Mara Zemdega, while the prize was awarded by the longest pitt collector Ģirts Jakovļevs and the Valmiera Theater director Evita Sniedze, and also the Dailes Theater actor Gunārs Placēns, who won the prize his stage sculpture Juris Stands. The audience watched the two Lifetime Awards as they talked to their parents, teachers, directors and theaters for their supporters for their creative life, tank companies.

For the year of the year, the Director of Inga Tropas has performed "Soul Evil" by "Dirty Deal Theater", which has also won the prize in "Color of the Year".

In the category "The Great Forms of the Year" was awarded the prize on & # 39; The New Riga Theater Show "Cerību ezers aizsals", directed by director Vladislav Nastavshev. He did not come to the story, to say, as his college said, his presentation of the new album was precisely this evening. "If you know, Vlad is not only a director, but also a musician," JRT actor Kaspars Znotins has encouraged us to get the prize.

In the category "The Children's Performance", the prize was awarded to the Latvian puppet "Naksitrallīši" (director Laura Chaupale), but in & # 39; The category "Annual Performance of Thinking" – "Good Children" by Rehya Suhanova at the Valmiera Drama Theater. The director recognizes that they show in the show of this show, because their children already have adolescence admitted. This show also won the Jury Special Award. The second prize was awarded to the Bernesjury for the performances of Daile Theater "Niķa un Riķa stiķi" (ruled by Karlis Aushkāps, director of the former eternal life).

The Director of "Director of the Year", Viesturs Kairišs, was the director of the & # 39; Salome at the Latvian National Theater and "Baladina" in the Valmiera Drama Theater.

The dramatist and actor Artūrs Dīcis got the prize in "The Achievement in Original History" for the story "Even Whales Frust" in the Latvian National Theater. He was also at the Spectator Awards.

The actors of the New Riga Theater Guna Zariņa (on the role of Nurbul in JRT are "God in the pillar" and Vilis Daudzins par.). Riga Theater). The two actors also received the Spectator Trophy Award (the vote was held on the portal "Delfi"). Guna Zarina thanks to director Alvim Hermanim for her contribution to this avant-garde and poet Aivar Neibart (as well as his nickname Newbury), while Vilis Daudzins gave Uldis Tīrāns, author of the piece "The Last Lenin's Christmas Tree" "The opportunity to come to the teacher of proletariat in the picture, which, furthermore, already in the grave is with one leg."

The actor of Latvian national actress Inga Misane-Grasberga (for the role in the play "Mežainis" at the Latvian National Theater) became the actor of the year in the second plan. The prize as "Actor of the Year in the Second Plan" was received by Aleksandrs Jonovs (Black Prince in the game "Golden Horse", Pikamice in the "Crocodile Gena and Pekausis" show at the Latvian Puppet Theater). The prizes were given to Jānis Vimbam, the director of the Latvian National Theater, and Ojārs Rubens, Executive Director.

In category "Young Scene Artists of the Year" received Jānis Kronis prizes in & # 39; The role of 'Mežainis & # 39; at the Latvian National Theater, the role of Dirty Deal Theater & # 39; In the show "Dirty Deal Theater" and Igor Selegovsky ("The Twilight Monk", Jefferson Sebalds in "The Twilight Monk", Pēteris Berzins in arms are "scared" at the Latvian National Theater, Vitaly in & # 39; e show "Soul Utenis" "Dirty Deal Theater").

The stage designer Reinis Suhanov got the prize in "Category Sesje en / or puppetateriaal of the year" (designer designer "And whales are afraid" at the Latvian National Theater "The Lessons of the Perishic Language" by Jānis Lipkes memorial), but in the category "The costume designer of the year" Keita on costume for the show "I'm 30 years old" at the Latvian National Theater. Oskars Paulins was recognized as "The Light of the Year" for the work of the season on the Latvian National Theater and Mikhail Chekhov's Riga Russian Theater.

The title of The Video Artist of the Year & # 39; such as Austra Hauks ("Dirty Deal Theater" and "Romeo and Juliet" at the Latvian Puppet Theater), the title "The Movement Artist of the Year" – choreographers Agnese Vanaga and Leonard Viksne (for the show "Man 30 Jekabs Nīmanis (for the music "Dirty Deal Theater", "The Seagull Queen Secret" by the Latvian Puppet Theater and "The Hours of the Persians" by Jānis Lipkes Memorial for the performance of "The Year of the Music Score" by Jēkabs Nīmanis).

The jury's special prize for the contemporary vision of the National Theater and its implementation of the chair of # 39; Edite Tishheizer, Jury, was received by Ojārs Rubenis, director of the Latvian National Theater, who told her that she was moved and wounded that she could not say first of all for life.

Aina Matīsa, a teacher of theater and speech, was also presented with her special prize – Dailes Theater actor Lauris Dzelzis got the "to play the role of the first plan in the role of the first plan."

Written by Jurate Silakaktinas and Vents Winbergs, best designer Aigars Ozoliņš, music producer Zane Dombrovsky, video presenter Linda Gibiet and light artist Oskars Paulins shared with the creation of the "Spēlmanņu nakts" ceremony.

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