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Sisters of Taebid who came from U21 championship come back with two medals.



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Jolanta Tarvida has become the European U-21 champion.

Jolanta Tarvida has become the European U-21 champion.


Talented Latvian Taekwondo players Inese and Jolanta Tarvid, who won the European U21 Championship in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, added Jolanta Gazette on Saturday because Inese won the gold medal on Thursday.

We've already reported that the Inese has won five overwhelming victories in weight classes up to 53 kilograms. He defeated Nure Höglfeldy in the first round with 20: 7 and beat Spain's Arlet Ortiz Benito in the second duel with 9: 2.

As a result, Latvia entered the quarter-finals. 18: 5 Poltava Eva Jam Zokov Stu won. In his semi-final, as a result of 17: 7, Turkish welterweight champion Zelihu Arisu has been persuasive since last year.

In the final, however, the 19-year-old I.Tarvidi finished 14:05 with a much better score than Anne Jakumopulu.

On the other hand, sister Jolanta, who weighs less than 57 kilograms on Saturday, scored four wins in five games. His match started in the second round, with Greece agent Theodore Izdru defeating 17: 1 and Jolanta defeating Stephanie Graenauer in the third round with 16: 6.

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As a result, she was criticized by Milicz Karanovic of Bosnia and Herzegovina for ending the toughest game at 16:14 in the quarter-finals, and at 8:05 in the semi-final, she accused Turkey's athlete Tug Vujima.

At the finals, 0:11 Jolanta agreed with Patricia Adamkevich to become a silver medalist.

Last year Inese Tarvida won the Bronze World Championship, and Jolanta picked up the same player in the European Championship after winning ninth this year. Ines Tarvid has two silver medals in the European Championship.

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