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On Friday, November 23th, price reduction was held in # 39 theater of # 39; e Night of the Maids of Night 2017/2018 & # 39; at the annual theater production. The prize winner of the Dirty Deal Theater, Inga Tropical Production "Soul Utenis", received both the Grand Prix and prizes for best music, video art, the role of ' the second plan actress and best performances of the smallest form.

Traditionally, the prices were also represented for life-related contributions to theater, and this year they get an actress Mara Zemdega and actor Gunārs Placēns.

Special jury's and supporters are also featured, and the best performances of the year are also featured by the audience.

At the beginning of the ceremony, prizes were presented for best work with light and video.

The jury of the best light artists of the year recognized Oscar Paulin as a work on the Latvian National Theater and Mikhail Chekhov's Russian Theater.

The Austrian appeal for the Dirty Deal Theater and Romeo and Juliet (The Latvian Puppet Theater) were honored in the category "Video of the Year".

The following prizes were offered to the best young performers of the year. There were two such Jānis Kronis this year: Janis Kronis about the role of "Mežainis" performance in the Latvian National Theater and in # 39; the role of the "Flying Dish" Dirty Deal Theater and Igor Shelgowski on the role of Jezup Sebald in & # 39; "The Twelve Monk", the role of Peter Berzina in the play "The role of the National Theater and Vitaly in the show" Soul Utenis "at the Dirty Deal Theater.

Then the prize for life-investments was presented to the actor Gunnar Placen.

Artūrs Dīcis received the prize for the annual performance in the original theater for the story "The Whale is Strange" (Latvian National Theater).

The next "Night of the Game" prize was awarded to the annual musical score. This year, the laurels of composer Jēkabs Nīmanis, that music was written for the Dirty Deal Theater, The Seagull Queen's Secret, (Latvian Puppet Theater) and Persian Language Lessons & # 39; (Janis Lipkes Memorial).

Agnesi Vanagu and Leonard Viksini, the choreography for the performance "I'm 30 years old" at the Latvian National Theater, ordered the jury of artist's annual artists.

The best costume designer – Keith for Costume for the National Dance Show "I'm 30 years old."

The actor Mara Zemdega, the National Theater and Valmiera Drama Theater was made known for her contribution to theatrical art in the role of & # 39; The ceremony, she was addressed to her favorite role in her time was Patricia's "Three Friends".

The best performance of the year for children in the jury evaluation this year was "Naksitrallīši" Latvian puppet theater (ruled by Laura Chaupale).

Bernesjury special price was awarded to "Niķa un Riķa stiķi" – ruled by Karlis Auškāps. But for the annual performance of adolescents, both in children and in the professional jury, Rehh Suhanov's "Labie bērni" Valmiera Drama Theater.

The audience has performed this year by the portal "Delfi". Vilis Daudzins became the favorite actor of the public, but the most important actress – Guna Zariņa. Finally, the favorite audience shows in this season – "Oh weapons are scary."

Inga Misane-Grasberga got the prize in "category Acting as Actor in the second plan" for the role in & # 39; "Mežainis" performance at the Latvian national stage, but Aleksandr Jonovs, the Black Prince played "Golden Horse", became the best actor in the same category, and Pekao's performance "Crocodile Gena" the Latvian Puppet Theater.

Reign Suhanov got the prize for "Best of Whales" and "Persian Hours".

In his turn, the jury of Actor has recognized this year Gun Zarinas as the role of Nurbul in # 39; The show "God in the Garden" at the New Riga Theater.

This year Lenin played in the last Lenin Eve and Omi in # 39; the Lake of Cerri Lake in the New Riga Theater.

Lauris Dzelzītis received the Sate Matisse Award.

Jury Special Award was awarded Ojārs Rubenis about the vision of the current National Theater and its implementation.

As the best director of # 39 this year, the jury "Spēlmanu nakts" Viesturu Kairišs has to be # 39; The show "Salome" is designated on the Latvian National Theater and Baladine at the Valmiera Drama Theater.

In "Smaller Form of Year" was awarded the director Inga Tropas, the "Soul Utenis".

This year, the jury recognized the "Lake of Hope Lake", for Vladislav Nastavshev this year the best-in-the-year show.

On the # 1 the Grand Prix got the "Dirty Deal Theater" for the best performance of the year.

Theater critic and scholar, and the chairman of the jury committee Edīte Tisheizere, playwright Andra Rutkevicha, playwright and scientist Ieva Rodiņa, playwright Janis Silins and the playwright and historian Eduard Linins worked this year in & # 39; the jury.

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