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Schmidt’s “Barcelona” fights for leadership in the series; Sagittarius CSKA is set to enter Final 4 – Basketball –

20:00 St. Petersburg ” Zenith ” – ” Barcelona ” (1: 1)

In the first match of the quarter-finals of St. Petersburg “Zenit”, which finished in eighth place in the regular season, the Spanish superclub “Barcelona” represented by Lithuanian specialist Šarūnas Jasikēvičs and Latvian striker Rolands Šmits were shocked – 76:74. In the second game of the series, the head of the match of the Russian team Kevin Pangoss hit the winning throw not at the end of the regular time, but the club of Barcelona triumphed in the expansion of the match – 81:78.

Now the quarter-final series has been moved to St. Petersburg. There the two teams met twice – in the debut season of “Zenit” (2019/2020) the Barcelona team won a convincing victory with 87:63, but in the second round of this year’s tournament the Russian team defeated the Spanish grand for the first time with 74:70.

In two games played in Spain, Barcelona’s top scorer with an average of 20 points was Brendon Davis, while Cory Higgins added 15 points and 4.5 assists. Nikola Mirotich, one of the main candidates for the Euroleague’s most valuable player award, was unusually quiet in the first two games – nine points and just 25 percent from two-point shots. Zenit leader Kevin Pangos, on the other hand, was on target, scoring 21 points in the game and passing six times.

Athletic Latvian striker Rolands Šmits In two games, he averaged 11 and a half minutes on the field, in which he scored three points, hitting 66.7 percent of the completed third, and also winning 2.5 balls among the baskets.

20:45 Istanbul “Fenerbahce” – Moscow CSKA (0: 2)

For the past six years, the Turkish Grands have been among the top four in Europe. To do this for the seventh time in a row, losses can no longer be delivered.

In the first two matches of the Moscow CSKA quarterfinals, represented by Jānis Strēlnieks, they won fairly convincing victories against ‘Fenerbahce’ from Istanbul in their field – 92:76 and 78:67. Due to the positive cases of Covid-19, several leading basketball players could not help the Turkish team, but it is expected that Czech power forward Jan Veselius will return to the team’s application last night. Igor Kokoškov will not be the head coach of “Fenerbahce” yet.

This season, in the only mutual match in Istanbul in extra time, CSKA Moscow won with a 78:77 victory. At the time, the Russian club was still represented by Mike James, who scored 14 points and made six passes, but now the resulting leader of the game has moved across the ocean and represents the NBA team Brooklyn “Nets”.

In the games played in Moscow, the local CSKA leader was taken by Italian defender Daniel Hacket, who scored 17 points and struck out with six passes. American striker Will Klaibern added 14.5 points and 4.5 rebounds in two wins. “Fenerbahce” ranks in every game shot one of the defenders – in the first fat Nando De Kolo 27, but in the second Marko Guduric also scored the same.

31 years old Latvian Jānis Strēlnieks He started the 2021 Euroleague playoff tournament with seven points and two assists in minutes spent at 17:27. The defender hit all two-pointers and 57.1 percent of the three-pointers.

21:45 Munich “Bayern” – Milan “Olympia” (0: 2)

In the last match of the evening, Bayern Munich, who have lost the first two matches in Italy, will try to extend the Euroleague season. In the first match the men trained by Andrea Trinkier missed a lead of 19 points during the match, Zek Ledeja with a fantastic loft the victory for the Milanese – 79:78. In the second game of the quarterfinals, the tone of the first minute was dictated by “Olimpia”, which led to a natural victory with 80:69.

Among the most productive players in the Milan club play-off Kevin Panther, Zek Ledy and Serhio Rodriguez have played in the first few games, but Wayboldwin and DJ Silly have proved themselves in the ranks of the Bavarian club.

Milan’s “Olimpia” has not been among the top four teams in Europe’s strongest club tournament since 1992, when the team was led by the famous Mike D’Antoni.

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