Sunday , January 24 2021

Saeima Non-profit – Collect 10,000 signatures on compensation for social and political disruption – News

On Wednesday night, the initiative was signed by 8050 people, but at least 10 000 signatures were collected.

The author of this project is Jana Kukaine, an art critic. She believes that the reward of a three-month salary for unelected members is too generous. According to her view, such a procedure shows that Member States are perceived as a group of voters who enjoy the privileges that are not available to other public sectors.

"Such understanding is discriminatory for the rest of the society that encourages social inequality and is not protected by the labor market at the end of the labor market, a sign that creditors have lost credibility and have no special premiums." The level of prosperity, Such compensation is also unethical. "Kukaine was convinced.

The initiative calls for amendments to the State and Local Government Officials Act by repealing that Sema's elected representative is given three months' wages if Sena Senator is not elected to the next new yard.

According to Cook's view, such a change will help to save money on retention and promote social cohesion.

Likewise, "Politicians and politicians will be especially signaled that they do not belong to a group of elected and protected people, but this is part of Latvian society and all the same legal standards are abandoned," the authors say.

As previously announced, the 13th new yard will temporarily pay non-members 6,103,740 euros. The one-time allowance is due to be paid to 66 agents who were not re-elected during the new parliament.

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