Saturday , February 4 2023

Riga plans to open the largest retail outlet for Apple products in Baltic.


On November 9th, iStyle, the largest distributor of Apple products in Central and Eastern Europe, celebrates its anniversary since entering the Latvian market. The company has decided to expand its business in the first year and reach over € 2.5 million, and next year it has decided to open its third store in Riga, says Agios Salmiņa, CEO of iStyle.

It will be the largest Apple production store in Baltics of 300 square meters and will be located in the multi-functional shopping and entertainment center "Acropolis".

Most of the store space (226 square meters) is expected to occupy a showroom where customers can try the latest Apple devices and participate in special training and seminars on Apple products.

In the first year of operation, Ludmila Kalinina, iStyle sales and marketing manager for Latvia, sold 250 iPhones, 100 Macs, 50 iPad tablets and other devices in its first year. On the other hand, more than 15,000 visitors visit each month.

"We are experiencing relatively rapid growth in Latvia and we have decided to open a third brand store in Riga because we are aware of the potential of this region," says Kaļinina.

As mentioned earlier, the multifunctional "Acropolis" shopping center is planning 200 million euros by 2019.

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