Tuesday , October 26 2021

Photo: Style gourmets gather in the discovery of a new fashion bout


To & # 39; s end of & # 39; a week gathered the local holiday feasts at Stränliķu Street 2a, where the first store of the Latvian market C-Cure was discovered, where it was possible to buy not only ready-to-wear collectible clothes , but also the usual service or costume to use customer's individual measurements.

A Fashion Designer, fashion designer Dace Krieviņa-Bahmane, fashion blogger Liga Zemture and many others have visited fashion designer Jelena Vlasova, fashion designer, Fashion Designer Licensing Editor, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine "Pastaiga.ru ", which includes visits to celebrities and fashion enthusiasts.

The design of the store is made by talented and responsible designer Gleb Šeglovs, "Delfi Izklaidi" informs the organizers of the event.

"The idea to open an independent shop, long ago, looking for an ideal shopping spot for a long time, after I had the chains on Strele Street 2a, I immediately began to say that this place would be the most suitable For the store, because there are so many good shops in this street, our vision of 'design reduced', so the work was very easy and fast, "discovered M-Couture maker Julia Malahova.

The furniture and tapes in store are made according to a special order, while the metal structures and unique mirror are made by the best professionals in Latvia according to the sketches made by the designer.

M-Couture designer Julia Malahov is inspired by fashion from boys. The brand was launched in 2012 when Julia delivered his first collection for general public presentation, classifying feminine elegance in a modern design, which still characterizes pastel colors, pencils, teaching elements and secure details.

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