Friday , August 19 2022

On the way to the birthday, the cake tragically kills the couple. The daughter can not believe what the police officer said.


From Latvia


Photo: Ieva Čīka / LETA

The town of Cekule has been sinking deeply since Saturday. The tomb on the street is the place to celebrate the two villagers who crossed the nearby Baltezers-Saulkalne highway. The cat went to the store to buy a birthday cake on a fateful night. The LNT program "Degtatis" reported.

Her husband's daughter, Ingvilda, was called a few hours after the incident and at first she could not believe what the officer said.

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There is a couple going to Upsleigh, the only neighborhood in the store at 6 pm. To do this, you must cross a dangerous road section without a pedestrian crossing or without a road.

Physicians reported that the injuries worn by pedestrians were "incompatible with life," and that doctors could not help the couple.

Local people say that a 17-year-old young man has been shot in a dangerous road a long time ago, and that people across the street feel threatened, but food is not picked because he can only buy food in Ushlessa. Citizens of the district expect the municipality to hear the request and eventually establish the crosswalk.

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