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On November 14th, there will be a discussion on diabetes – myth and truth.




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Unfortunately, diabetes has become increasingly widespread throughout the world, not only in Latvia, but over the past few years. Also, the second type of diabetes can grow soft and invisible, so it is found in people who are healthy and do not feel disgruntled. Focusing on this issue and discussing the risks of diabetes and eliminating related mythology, the BENU pharmacy today hosts discussions on myths and truth with the participation of health professionals on World Diabetes Day. Discussions are live and available to all interested parties.

November 14 is the day to celebrate World Diabetes Day. The spread of this disease has increased in recent years.

Diabetes is one of our lifestyle changes and habits. But is lifestyle a decisive factor and a genetic role? How can I get my first symptoms? How can you protect yourself and your family from this disease as much as possible? These are some of the problems associated with diabetes prevention and are rare.

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The endocrinologist Una Gailis, the outpatient department of the Clinical University Hospital Endocrinology Center at Stradins University, will discuss the major causes, symptoms and treatment of diabetes. Laby Arente of RAKUS Endocrinology will talk about diabetes care and essential treatment issues, and Bena Pharmacy's pharmacist Anda Konone will report options for sugar availability and drug availability. Valdis Melderis will lead the discussion.

BENU Health and beauty college The debate about the circulation cycle of diabetes The myth and truth will be held today at noon on November 14th. 18.00 and is available to everyone interested in "BENU Pharmacy" Facebook page online.

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