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On Kalnciema Street will need to be worn to sleep wounded


According to Oleg Burov (GKR), head of the City Property Committee, the department received a rating of civilian engineer that the building should not be demolished, as no damage has been found, indicating lowering capacity of & # 39; the supporting wall. To eliminate the dangers of the building, it is essential to reduce the dangerous parts of the building, suppress roof structures and remove any bridge from fire, as a result of & nbsp; the increase of parties and pitches of & nbsp; the house.

The department plans to issue a regulation, which requires them to perform these works for the owners of the house. If this is not done, on Friday, November 30th, the expert of the city will do so strongly and try to recover money from the trees. Until now, the board has never lost the news to organize the house.

It is also planned at the meeting of the Riga Council to decide on the matter of the house. For each invited period, the municipality will have the right to set up a period of 10,000 € per week.

It is already known that the saviors of State Fire and Rescue Service (VUGD) have a close ruble spotted on a sixfold sleep in Riga, Kalnciema Street, next to the Angkäamest, where a large fire broke on Sunday. The erosion works exclusively from outside, around the expanding intermediate flat areas, the inside of the building is dangerous.

There are two residential areas with a total area of ​​2708 square meters built in the middle of the Angle Dam, Kalnciems, Daugavgrīva and Meza streets in & nbsp; the middle of the 20th century. Both buildings are not managed for many years and are recognized as B-category threatening buildings.

The fire in the night on November 25th was 1787 square meters in a spacious art nouveau art nouveau in & nbsp; Kalnciema Street 2b, but the newly built 921 square meter width built at the Angka Dam 14 was not influenced by the flames.

Both buildings were taken over by SIA "Decatur Property" eight years ago, plans to develop a new residential block, renovate existing housing. The firm focuses on actors in Russia and other CIS countries, but are trying to solve liquidity problems, such as the choice of power of this buyer.

In short, the owners of both buildings have changed. The owner of the building on Kalnciema Street since 18 September this year, via SIA K2B and one more Latvian company, is the Estonian company "Tradesman EU", where registered office is registered in the office building of Novira Plaza of the Estonian development and financing company "Novira Capital" ", in Tallinn.

Lastly, the building was bought by the Angka Dam by SIA NC K2A, which Novira Capital itself has. The Estonian business in Latvia also registered NC NC2, the name that is comparable to the legal owner of Kalnciema Street, welcomes the future changes to the property of this building be able to.

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