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"Olympiacos" calls out to exclude Panathinaikos from the Euroleague – Basketball –


The two teams met at the Euroleague in Athens last week and the owner of Patathinaikos won 93:80 in spite of the team's excellent performance (3 points and 17 points, 5 points). After the match, "Panathinaikos", Dimitris Jannakopoulos informed Euroliga that Olympiacos promised € 20,000 to two of the match judges, court later, the Athens club issued a statement, dismissing such information and pretending to spell it.

"I know that a judge in Italy and a judge in Poland promised 20,000 euros. [Eirolīgas vadītājam Hordi] Vtomewa [Eirolīgas tiesnešu direktoram Ričardam] Stouksam I know they are under pressure. [iepriekšējo “Olympiacos” ģenerālmenedžeri Taki] Riviereato and I know who that player is. "Jannakopoulos said in a match report again at half-time.

The Olympiacos response was not overdue and announced that it would oppose the "Panathinaikos" tribunal for pranks and defamation to restore the club's clean image. In a letter to Euroleague, the Pirelli club imposes a penalty called "recidivist", which immediately excludes Bertome from the laws and punishments of Patathinaikos in Jannakopoulos and Euroliga.

Jannakopulos regularly appears as a killer of aggressive activities and external factors. Last season, the spectacular owner of the Athens club promised to leave the Euroliga to join the FIBA ​​Champions League, but after the season was over, everything was forgotten and both sides declared a conflict and declared it was resolved before the new season.

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