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Neste launches renewable diesel (100% sales) (+ PHOTO)


From today, November 12th, a network of car service stations in Neste, Latvia will launch new and original 100% renewable diesel oil in Neste MY for the first time in Latvia.

This fuel is produced from 100% renewable resources and does not include oil wells. Eco-friendly, car-friendly diesel is available at the Neste gas station in Ulmaña gatve 84 in Riga, where you can use Neste MY A3 diesel fuel with a cold tolerance of -38ºC in winter.

"Climate change, and consequently its consequences, is one of today's biggest challenges." This luxury product – Neste MY 100% renewable diesel – is essential for the Latvian market for a variety of reasons. Neste 100% Renewable Diesel Nest MY is presented as a gift to the Latvian century, which means that children's sustainability, cleanliness and sustainability are the key to sustainable and clean environment. Environment and investment in the best possible future, "said SIA Neste Latvija Secretary General Arti Airiainen (Arttu Airiainen).

Renewable gasoline is a sustainable and relatively easy way for environmentally conscious consumers to significantly reduce the harmful emissions of road traffic. Neste Renewable Diesel is produced as a residue from the processing of food and animal fat during the hydrogenation process and produces unchanged colorless and odorless fuel. Its chemical composition is the same as fossil diesel. So you can use unlimited as a component of fossil diesel with 100% purity. Neste MY is an eco-friendly, environmentally friendly fuel that can reduce automotive greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% over the life cycle of today's products.

According to a Neste survey of more than 700 respondents from around the world, 65% of drivers know about renewable diesel and its characteristics. Most polls (78%) have acknowledged that fueling clean air and a healthy living environment is important for fuel purchases. No deposits are formed in the fuel system, which means that maintenance costs do not increase and should be suitable for cold weather. Also to make this fuel environmentally friendly.

Neste operates the generator with this unique Neste MY diesel fuel, supporting the most environmentally friendly "Brainstorm" concert in Latvia and the main event of the year called Neste World RX (World Championship Rally). This fuel saved 31,265 kg of CO2 emissions at the concert, enabling us to enjoy the freshest, cleanest air. Aija Aushkāpa, managing director of Brainstorm Group, said, "Someday soon we will reach this point until it becomes important to transfer the world to future generations. We know that each choice is different and everything is interconnected "

Raimonds Strokss, director of Neste World RX in Latvia, said, "Because all the generators used in the World Rally Championship in September 2006 were run exclusively with Neste MY Renewable Diesel, Neste MY launched a renewable diesel fuel, Nowadays we have not addressed a bit of disturbance in its function, so today's diesel fuel is available from gas stations and we are very glad that we all made an easy choice to reduce the amount of exhaust and air! "

Neste is the world's largest producer of renewable fuels with factories in Finland, the Netherlands and Singapore, as well as propellants, propane, jet fuel, plastics, solvents, polymers and other renewable products. In 2017, Neste's renewable fuels reduced global warming emissions by 8.3 million tonnes. This corresponds to 3 million passenger cars per year. In Finland, Neste MY 100% renewable diesel has been available to customers since last year and the largest Neste MY markets are in Scandinavia and the United States.

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