Thursday , October 6 2022

My favorite domestic actors appeared in cartoon characters (Cinema and TV).


The hero Wolf's role, "The Sun Rid in Heaven," tells actor Vilis Daudzins about his work, making it hard to produce an animated film for every actor. "It's always fun to make a movie. When you say a role, you are a little bit more free than a stage, you can not see it, on the other hand the responsibility is much higher because everything you can do with his body, Because he can only hear because it is, "says the actor.

As you can see in the movie behind the scenes, a sound studio recording cubicle will vibrate the movie character by searching for the correct voice accent and mood, sometimes through physical exercise, if the character is in a movie.

In total, about 50 people participated in the production of the film, performing scenario creation, painting, painting, moving and recording for four years each day. At the beginning of the film, the first actor's voice recordings were told by the actor as the so-called "black text", and the animator could see how big the text was in each image by drawing the photo, its movements, facial expressions and mimicry. After all the characters have been drawn, the actors have already seen the actual text they are viewing, so the rendered image exactly matches the displayed animation. In fact, the first voice recording did not have to be successfully written and rewritten. The great villain buried in the voice of Viļņa Daudziņa, in the forest with Wolf Wolf, in the "Heavenly Solar Drive" incident.

"The sun went to heaven." The story begins when the sun and moon's girlfriend are kidnapped by a jellyfish and their desperate parents tell the man to come to the baby. Nabasherman walks around the sword and faces mosquitoes, lungs and his own fears and laziness with the girl and the bride. Only three days will be given to the helper. At that time, if the daughter of the sun is not found, she will lose her strength and become an ordinary girl. The journey of danger and adventure. Not only is everyone brave and resourceful, but it teaches how to help. The film of Rose Stieb, a classic Latvian animation, is based on folk motifs, and Juris Kaukulis and "The Young Midsummer Orchestra" are having difficulty with violent events.

The animated film "The Sun Drives in the Sky" was created in 1995 at the studio "Locomotive" and is one of the most active and productive studies in Baltic. The studio produces feature films, documentaries and animated films featuring prestigious world festivals. The film, which has been produced in the studio over the past four years, has already won 13 national awards "Great Kristaps". Previous full-length animated films, co-produced with Signs Bauman's "Stones in My Pockets" in 2014, have won three "Great Kristaps" awards and have been nominated for the Oscar for the Academy Award for Film in Latvia.

Animated film <천국의 태양 탐험>Was part of the Latvian cinema program in Latvia with the support of the National Film Center.

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