Monday , November 29 2021

Multimedia multimedia classic music returns to darkness in Latvia


On November 27, the Great Guild will show a unique multimedia show – "Music in the Dark: Christmas Mystery", a musical performance of violinist Jevgeni Zims and the musical association "Virtuosos or St. Petersburg", the artist's representatives tell it portable "Delfi".

"Music in Darkness: Krystmystery" in & # 39; As you can see, 20 Muslims play different classical music styles in the dark in # 39; the darkness. Some pieces are also accompanied by dance performances by Dmitry Oleinikov and Katerina Sergeeva – TV show "Dancing" for the first season.

The "Music in the Dark" market is an art and technology system that combines classic performances of symphonic music with a contemporary 3D graphics that each of the pieces has developed individually, an optical story for each song. Members of the classical music setting & # 39; orchestra & # 39; St Petersburg virtuosos play complicated symphonic and opera fragments in total darkness.

In the concert "Music in the Dark: Christmas Mysteries" the musical association St. Petersburg Virtuoso will lead an unbelievable evening under the guidance of violinist Jevgeny Zim, as classical music pearls in a mortal light lead the audience to reach the Leipzig Church , where Johan Sebastian Bach put up the Christmas village and in Vienna in Johann Strauss, as well as in the palace there "Droselmeiers" from the "Nutcracker" casserole a mysterious cow to Mary tell.

"I'm very excited about returning to the Latin audience, I go all night at bed and breakfast, we'll think about our new program, first seen by listeners from Tallinn and Riga. to make it even more wonderful in the time you make it for the first time since our first meeting we have made a new program at the end of the year, so I'll be with each other Come out to enjoy and enjoy the musical tasks that we make and share in the winter of long and cold evenings, conversation with family and family, and a joint selection of joy, meet in Riga! ", invites violinist and writer Jevgenija Zima.

Tickets for the musical show "Music in Darkness: Christmas Mystery" can be bought in & # 39; Ticket Ticket Office and Internet.

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