Monday , November 29 2021

Merzlinkin dry game and 6: 0, Zolmanim three goals in France – Hockey –


In the Czech league Gunta Galvina and Robert Bucarta won the "Ocelari" with the Vitkovice unit 3-0. Latvian hockey fans did not have points, but told the game with a positive efficiency ratio – Head +1, Buccart +2. Bukarti made three goals in 16 minutes, but Galviņš played for 20 minutes (almost a fourth of them in 'bad'), making four shots.

Meanwhile, Edgar Kuld and Ralph Freibergas hit -2 "Zlin" their match against Praag's "Sparta" at 0: 4. The winner of "Mountfield" was made by Maris Bitsevski, who helps Verva 3: 2. Bičevskis played for 15:43 minutes and was at +1 efficiency.

In the general tournament, Ocelari is the first place with 40 points, but just behind Mountfield with 38 points. Zlin has already 30 points, giving ten places to 14 teams in competition.

In Swiss National League Elvis Merzlinkin delivered a dry game, making Lugano help to defeat Friborg-Gotteron 6-0. Merzlinkin did not have much work in this game – the opponents had only 13 goals. Ivars Punnenovs stayed in "Tigers" win in & # 39; 2-1 lead to Lakers, while Ronald King and Lausanne reached the "Lions" with 4: 5. The king has a negative chance of performance -2 and three goals aimed at his former team.

Artur Mickiewicz was shot in the French league in Lyon, but he missed his team and Martina Lavrov for # 39; to lose at 1: 5. Roberts Jekimovs got the goal to help "Gap" to "Nice" with 3: 2, in # Reserve by the Latvian goalie Ervins Mushtukov. Jekimov scored for the most part of the third season, but his teammate Elvijs Biezais remained immensely. But Mulhouse's 3-2 victory over Bordeaux's three-goal passage was recorded on Sanda Zolman's advertisement. He also has a usability factor of +2.

The Slovak Championship was a major failure in Poprad, represented by Arthur Salis. With Saliva in the first switch, a 2: 7 defeated Nitra, although it could win the first period of 1-0. But in Norway are Maxim Ponomarenko and "Stjernen" with 2: 5 decisions with "Sarpsnorg". Ponomarenko played in the first switch, but did not match points.

Russian VHL Artur Ozolin helped Tolyat "Lada" the current victory, with a 4-0 defeat Tambov. "Lada" with 21 weeks in 26 games is in first place in # premier league. A dry win is also made by Nikolay Yeliseyev and "Neftyanik" represented by Eduard Hugo Janson, with a 3-0 win in Orsk on his own field. For her team it was the sixth successive win, and this series of performances made it possible to stand at the fifth place of VHL.

In Germany Schwenninger scored Rihard Bucharest 2: 1 over Grizzly in the winning streak. The Bucarest team, which was in the last place in the tournament table, was the third consecutive victory.

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