Sunday , January 16 2022

Medici Revives Dance Floor Man in Latvia – News


In Vidzeme, a 52-year-old man turned in a bad direction while suddenly dancing. He lost consciousness and died clinically. People near you immediately call your doctor and get a heart massage with first aid.

Experts who arrived at the medical brigade took resuscitation measures. The resuscitation was successful and he was transferred to the hospital.

In Riga, however, doctors killed a 70 – year – old woman who had a heart attack. After a successful artificial respiration, she was taken to the hospital.

On Saturday, at Vidzeme, the doctors helped a 21-year-old man who fell into the drains and was wounded.

The man accidentally fell into the stove of the sewer while walking in the yard. In the well, the man was able to summon a doctor out of his power. A man was injured in his head and chest and was sent to the hospital.

In Vidzeme, a 56-year-old woman washed the window and fell off the second floor. She was transferred to the hospital with a head injury and a back injury as well as a thoracic injury.

Kurzeme, a 39-year-old woman who broke firewood with electric firewood, seriously injured her palms. At the victim's palms and fingers, he was taken to the hospital.

On Thursday, the doctor received a total of 980 calls, 204 of which were injuries.

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