Sunday , June 13 2021

Mayon is the winner of other Dinamo representatives, Hockey – Sports and KHL All – Star Game.

On Wednesday, the Bobrova Division hockey player Majone was found to have the most voices (2536) after the KHL All-Star Game Supporters voted for the winner. Canada is the leader of Liga Dynamo this season and has scored six goals and 21 goals in 25 games. He is the league's most successful defender and one of the best in the entire championship.

"When I joined Riga Dynamo, I can not imagine voting two months after the KHL All-Star Game, and I like my style because I appreciate the fans who voted for me," the tournament organizer quoted Mayon's statement. "I am very pleased to be able to participate in events where there are many ice hockey players, and I will do something to please my fans."

In the ballot, each fan in each division can start a KHL All-Star game by choosing two defenders in defense.

Mayon was selected as the starting line of the division, and St. Louis, with 1848 votes. Patrick Hersley of SKA in Petersburg is losing 1 point in the performance of the Dinamo hockey player.

On the other hand, Videl (1314) and Nikita Gusev (2160) of SKA originally appeared in the attack. Swedish striker Dinamo was the third most successful hockey player in the league, scoring 13 goals in 25 games and 14 assists.

The start of all star games can be seen in other departments. In addition to Kirkel Caprizov (2425) and Andrei Loktionov (Lokomotiv, 1026), Tarason has also been awarded Nikita Nesterov (Moscow CSKA 1683) and Yakubun Krades (Yakslav Rocco motif) (1236)

Harlamov's department was started by Pols Posma guards (Kazan Ak Bars, 1802) and Nikita Trimkin (Avtomobilist, Ekaterinburg, 1267) while the attackers were Najjels Douss (Avtomobilist, 2248) and Sergei Mosjakin (Magnitogorsk Metallurg) . , 1790).

Finally, Darius Dics (Astana "Bari", 2175) and Philip Larsen (Ufa "Salavat Julajev", 1742) from the Cheneychev department were trained by two hockey players Sergei Shirokov (1873) and Olym's "Avangard" One Bob Horley announced Ilya trained. Mikheev (1872).

By the end of November, journalists will vote by the end of November, but all star players will choose the league. Meanwhile, the last four players will clear, after the Russian Youth Hockey League (MHL) star game, the four best players go to the KHL match.

KHL Star Weekend will be held on January 19th and 20th in three cities in Tatarstan-Kazan, Nizhnekamsk and Almetevsk.

The Tarasov division won the KHL All-Star show at Astana last season and the attacker of Riga Dinamo's Miks Indrašis (including the league members) attended the event.

Prior to that, three of the players in the Riga Club did not participate in the KHL Star Game.

The KHL star game for the third consecutive year will be followed by the NHL on a 4-minute mini tour. Each match is played for 20 minutes and the two matches are divided in half.

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