Tuesday , January 26 2021

"It's moving too fast!" Irish pilot detects UFO – Overseas – News

Friday, November 9 British Airways The pilot contacted Shannon Air Traffic Control Service. She wanted to find out if there was military training in the area. Because she considered the "very fast moving" target. The air traffic controller prevented training.

A pilot flying to London's Heathrow airport in Montreal, Canada, saw a "very bright light" and an object approaching her plane from the left, "flying very fast north".

The pilot thought it might be what it was, but he said the plane could not fly because of the collision.

You can hear the sound recording through the pilot test.

someone Virgin The pilot said it may be a meteorite or other object that entered the Earth's atmosphere.

He also saw "many objects move very brightly in the same orbit". The pilot commented that they were moving at a speed that exceeded the speed of sound.

The Irish Aviation Authority confirmed that there were reports of unusual activity on the Irish coastal airspace and "will be investigated."

All information is confidential during all investigations. Parties and agencies do not comment on the situation.

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