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It catalogs musical materials that are stored in Latvian creed


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The project "Exposition of Holy Mass Heritage in Latvian Lutheran Churches" was completed by the Scientific Research Center of Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music (JVLMA), LA.lv gave in & # 39; Joining with Jāzps Vītols Academy of Music (JVLMA).

The study of the holy musical heritage was closely linked to the study of Latvian intellectual cultural heritage. Within the context of the project, holy musical material was documented and systematized in various Latin Lutheran churches.

"An investigation of about 15 Lutheran churches in various regions of Latvia has found a first summary of music and songbooks from ancient churches so far," since Annija Bičule, spokeswoman JVLMA.

The document setup consists of 330 gedachte music and books and 25 handwriting units. The powerful data are systematized in the catalog according to the location of the material, the type and chronology.

The documentary material was launched at Evangelical Lutheran Church of Riga Jezus and St. Paul, St. Anne of Sint Jelgava and Sint Johannes, Sloka, Smiltene, Palsman and Talsi received.

In some cases, it remains in close proximity to museums, such as the Aizkraukles History and Art Museum Kalna Ziedi and Madona Local History and Art Museum.

It is planned that this project will be a major source of research for the further study of Latvian music history in # 39; the future.


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