Saturday , May 28 2022

In Australia, the pilot falls into sleep and needs the destination / day


Vortex Air is a small business that charter service offers scenery destinations in Australia. The incident contains a small propeller flight Piper PA-31 Navajo Cheiftain, and it was led by one pilot on board. There were no passengers in time.

The fact that something went wrong, was known at a time when the air traffic control service contacted the pilot several times. When it finally came, the pilot came in a cabin of # 39; The biker just sleep in sleep. An autopilot was activated on the aircraft, so it flew further with a specified rate. The pilot woke when he was 46 kilometers outside the destination, the aerodrome on King Island. On & # 39; s side of & # 39; The situation he changed the course and successfully completed the destination.

After the research, both the pilot and the research Vortex Air The practice is that pilots in the air line are not overloaded and have a lot of time to rest.

Vortex Air He acknowledged that the pilot came to work and could fly, although he did not sleep the whole night, as a reason to mention a private life. The airline found that "it is very sensitive to the safety of its pilots, crew and passengers [..] and that this is a very rare matter. "This is proven by reducing the business in the field of escort safety.

Vortex Air Confused that they fully cooperate in further research.

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