Saturday , May 28 2022

IKEA goes back from trading securities and encourages buyers to earn their purchases / day out


At the return of this item, it is not necessary to present a purchase crisis, and customers receive compensation in the amount of the appendage of & nbsp; the table or the opportunity to sell the item to another table.

Only white frosty glass is recreated from the market Glivarp Languages ​​that have been sold since february 2017. IKEA has received complaints that table tiling styles are unstable and may fall.

The representatives point out that the company "looks a great deal about the safety of the goods – all the types examined to adapt to normal norms and legislation. Glivarp Table of Trade in the World ".

It has already been told that the IKEA store in Littens has been discovered by the end of August this year On the first day it was tried by 20 thousand people.

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