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How to create winter "diesel", explore experts


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After various warm summers and warm autumn, Latvia has more cold water, and the first snow is a clear sign for directors that is the time to prepare for winter.

Often, minus degrees, it is difficult to start a car, so there are several suggestions on how to make a car for winter, and can vary depending on the engine of the machine. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is divided into tips on which measures must be taken for a diesel engine.

The main thing is a fixed battery

Each car owner, in preparation for the winter, must certify the battery, ensure that it is in work and is recharged. Cold operation is difficult because the engine volume degrades in minus degrees and the battery should be overloaded.

In winter there are devices that are not so on & # 39; The heat is in the heat – the humidity system, limiting seats and extra lights – are most commonly used, as winter is the dark period of & # 39; a year, this will lead to faster from battery.

Especially for the operation of different devices, it is advisable to teach cases that make routine short distances while the battery fails. Often, they are directors that need to handle the city on a daily basis, including permanent steam train.

Therefore, when driving short distances, it is advisable to eliminate the need for more energy required energy, so more forces of generators remain on the & # 39; the battery. It is essential to count such details, to avoid irreversibly shifting a hefty explosion of battery.

It's time to think and time to load the battery – it takes up to 24 hours to fully load the truck as it is in proper conditions and temperatures – usually a car service or garage.

What about a protected battery?

The unmistakable sign is the lower or lower than the car or the inability to always start it. In this case, the battery will likely be replaced. Battery for winter can be checked with a special tester.

If such a tester is available to the driver, it can be done continuously or go to the car service.

Do not forget about the agenda of glowing plots

The brightness of their own time is also a common cause of a fiery diesel engine. The reason is very easy – to work for the engine, glow sticks have to be limited. An enhanced, invalid operation of the machine at the beginning is one of the & # 39; the indicators that can cause defective light weapons can be harmful.

The experts will compete to check the ventilation system, so it is advisable to turn down the damage to the problem – the staff will consult the mosaics that are usually for the car and check the status quo.

Replaced the fuel filter in time

How much should the filter be changed – the car manufacturer will be the most competent, and it is necessary to pay more attention to the cold weather. The main task of the filter is to create grounds of & # 39; fuel and fuel.

If the filter is not replaced in time, it can cause the damage and damage to the diesel system. It is not really possible to check the condition of the filter itself, so it is important to monitor the filter interval by the manufacturer.

To prevent scams for the filter and other components, it is essential to choose high quality fuel. Then the driver will ensure the performance of the car in the long run, and higher the fire quality, the server the connection.

And the server is the burning of fuel, the less damage to & # 39; the environment. So when it comes to a fuel filter, two things have to be handled – the frequency of replacement and the quality of fire offered by the car manufacturer!


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