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How do I put a woman's clothing I bought on the Internet like a stick? ::


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The internet is simple and takes little time. However,
Online stuff, always pay special attention
Target clothes are suitable for your size. Especially.
It's important if your shopping list is new or used. Woman
, "Scheduled to purchase"
Hand ". Continue reading and what are you looking for?
It is wise to always buy!

Tips for smarter buying

Does your quest include an elegant winter coat or
Modern summer dress, online shopping will be more successful,
If you follow these four tips:

Learn about size

The body tends to change and also the size of the garment manufacturer
Standards vary. Smart shopping is sometimes valuable.
Remove the measurement again.

Hips, waist and chest and notes
For example, on a smartphone, you can do so if necessary
Compare with target brand parameters.

Know your style.

Are you?
Close is solid line, classic silhouette and solid color
gamma? Women, romantic cloaks, soft silhouettes and
pastel? Bohemian fruit chick dressed up?
Stylish and clear clothes that can not be overlooked in the streets?

Your personal taste, buying clothes on the Internet
It's much simpler – will you see which girl's clothes you will soon see?
Please fit in the closet.

Create a Pinterest collage to develop your own style.
Good dress patterns and colors and navigation at the moment,
When you get new clothes!

Purchase quality item

Click the & # 39; Buy & # 39; button to focus on your target.
cloth :

  • design
    – Are you thoughtful? If the coveted thing is a bit strange,
    Whether it is very comfortable and suitable for your lifestyle, for you
    Do you really want to wear it?

  • cut
    – Buying used clothing or seeing how it looks in your photos
    The piece of clothing "falls"
    Height? Maybe you can get a close-up of clothes.
    The needle of the garment was broken. (This is also one of the quality.

  • For textiles
    – What materials does the seller accurately display?
    Did you produce women's clothing? There is another fabric.
    Various advantages – Synthetic materials are often used
    Resistant to friction, but natural materials,
    For example, cotton or flax air is much better.
    Permeability properties.

Only buy sites you trust.

New and used
Suspicious reputation sites can be offensive.
The clothes you will receive
It is different from the one shown in the figure.
It is inferior in quality and unsuitable for the promised size.

You will be aware that the site you choose is trustworthy.
For example, if you are purchasing new and used pearls online
On the Andelemandeel trading platform, you
Your portal administrator has verified your published ad.
We also provide assistance in the event of a potential problem.

To whom
Be careful when viewing clothing ads.
To the source?



You can find many sources that are well preserved in the steam chamber.
Pearl – Both elegant clothes and stylish accessories
It makes the place beautiful. But by studying
You may experience problems on the platform.
Make sure the available women's clothing matches your size.

Manufacturer size standards vary (depending on the brand).
Country of origin and destination customers, one brand for you,
S – M size). purchase
Using new or apparel through Andelemandeel
Check the size of the match in two ways:

  1. Know
    Designated brand clothing chart.
    For example, you can use MANGO or Lindex's used t-shirts
    You are not sure about its size. You can use references directly.
    The costume table posted on the website of the website. This is true.
    This method is not always useful for an unknown brand or for a single brand.
    Replica pearl;

  2. ask
    Pearl seller, do clothing fit to the specified size?

    What size is the current costume owner wearing? Maybe you can.
    Use it as a reference point to make sure you are out of costume.
    Will it help you?

It is important to get as much information as possible online.
purchase. Therefore Andelemandelet
Please contact the seller when purchasing the product.
Pearl :

  • situation
    – How many times should women wear clothing?
    Or shoes? Do you need the intended boots?
    New Azol? Do not look at the watch jacket room.
    Pants knee?

  • piece of cloth
    – Maybe a pearl.
    Of fake fur, but only the seller can do it.
    Characterizing its texture – is the feather soft?
    Is the bonded fabric flexible or rigid? example
    Are white T-shirts translucent or not?

  • delivery
    – How will a woman's clothes come to you?
    Hands? The purchase amount is small, but it is advantageous if the distance is large.
    The option will be an Omniva service, for example. But with you
    If the seller is in a city or
    Larger ones (eg designer bags or cashmere sweaters);
    Maybe it's worth seeing your face?

Are you you?
The closet should be stylish this year.
? Get smart
– come in.

Online trading platform and loose cool pearls

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