Friday , January 21 2022

high energy particles from space permutation pieces


Our world is constantly bombarded with high-energy particles from a variety of sources, and if they collide in the right place in the fine electronics on which our modern world is built, they can begin to cut. known as single event disruption (SEU), the effects can vary from unremarkable to catastrophic, and [Veritasium] He studies this phenomenon in a video after the break.

The existence of radiation has been known since the end of the 19th century, but the effects of low levels of radiation on electronics were only recognized in the 1970s, when the amount of radio material in the ceramic housings of Intel DRAM chips failed. began to cause. The most energetic particles come from space and are known as cosmic rays. It originated from supernovae and black holes, and on earth it is due to the impossible speed of Super Mario 64 Fast Racing Counting error in the Belgian elections. It is also possible to view their path with a file in the Cloud Room that you can create yourself. There are even research projects with sensors of smartphone cameras as well as ordinary space tree detectors.

The Earth’s magnetic field acts as a protective barrier against most of these cosmic rays, and as altitude increases and space enters, there is a measurable increase in radiation. In space, serious measures must be taken to protect spaceships, that is the reason provision The rider, which landed on Mars this year, uses a 20-year-old PowerPC RAD750 mainframe computer. It has proven experience of radiation resistance and has been used in more than ten spacecraft. Astronauts who close their eyes experience cosmic radiation in the form of flashes of light. Protecting DNA from harmful effects is a serious concern for NASA.

It is impossible to know the true impact of cosmic radiation on our world and even our history. Who knows, maybe one of these impossible to repeat code errors occurred over your last project in another galaxy.

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