Monday , November 29 2021

Gosnu's "Nissan", determined in financial irregularities, is transferred as chairman of the board


The Japanese motorist Nissan Motor has filed the chairman of the government, Carlos Gosnu, was found in financial incidents, local media reports on Thursday.

The NHK broadcasting company and the Nikkei industrial office see that the seventh member decided to dismiss the 64-year-old Gosna from the chairman's office.

President Nissan's chairman Nissan is responsible for 20 years.

The board of the firm also affirmed that he was unanimously appointed on the issue of Gosna from the president's office.

"After a detailed overview of the results of internal investigations, the council was unanimously on the release of Carlos Gosna from the chairman of the chairman," says Nissan's announcement.

At the same time, Nissan has said that the alliance with the French auto company "Renault" will remain.

"The long-term cooperation with Renault will continue, and the challenge is now to minimize the uncertainty and potential impact on the cooperation of the day of" minimizing both businesses, "explains Nissan.

Gosn made the Nissan and Renault alliance, which later came to Mitsubishi, and is considered to be an affiliate element in maintaining the cooperation between both companies.

It has already been reported that the Guantan has been established in Japan for all financial affairs. On Wednesday, the Japanese authorities decided to start his arrest for ten days.

Meanwhile, the Renault car company, Renault, announced on Tuesday after an extraordinary meeting of its boardmember that Gosn's business unit remained in Japan's arrest, but he was offered a deputy to limit the company.

Gosn was arrested on Monday after questions in a civilian initiative, where he volunteered. The Japanese president said Tuesday Gosn did not pay revenue of 40 million euros.

Nissan has announced that the company has found other adjacent incidents by Gosn in a survey that took a few months. The study showed that Gosn also used the fund of business for its own personal needs.

Gosn is expected to be asked as a chair of the Mitsubishi Motors Council.

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