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Girgenson with painful game, Buffalo Shoot Philadelphia and further winning Series – Hockey –


Zemg Girgenson This evening, at 11:34 minutes, they used four forces (the second best in the team). Girgenson told the game with neutral efficiency and stayed in the seventh again game (Season 21 plays Zemgum 1 + 4).

Girgenson did not have a good chance of scoring in the first period and had already experienced a painful conflict. On the blue line of opponent he has visited the founding of Deila Veis, and a second then kicked off a partner on strike # 39; the Latvian warrior on the head. Girgenson left the game and was not on the reservation bank at the beginning of # 39; a second period, but briefly returned to the ground to face a moment of trouble – with a high chair he was shot by Schon Kutur, which was denied for two minutes.

"Saber" had already been seen for his victory in the first period when they won three goals in # 39; the first nine minutes. Jeff Skinner appeared in the game with a prestigious shot from the goal by playing the 15th goals in this season, but many of the new Taks Tompson's key goalie was handcuffed his grandfather and came in the corner of the goal. In ninth minute Evans Rodrigess made the first goals of # 39; Seasons, but at the end of the season, Jukhan Lacon won his first goal. He failed an unexpected shot from a sharp attack in a rapid attack, but Saber left the first period with a 4-0 defeat.

In the second half, Flyers replaced the goalkeeper Alex Lyon, the # eight times from # 39; The 12th was cleared and two goals won by the clear tones of Kloda Girou and Wayne Simonds. In & # 39; the second & third period of & # 39; The Saber were only made a few pieces, in total, but played well in defense. Carl Hatton completed his career in Buffalo, defining 23 out of 25 goals and taking the team after the victory.

Sabers scored their fifth goal in the last minute, when Sam Rinhardt was a blind spot in the bottom line. Most of the work was done by Jack Aikel, which scored the goal behind the opponents and played by Reinhardt. Reinhardt and Rodriguez were the only ones in the current game to score two points (1 + 1).

For the Buffalo team this is the seventh victory in a row, besides the first in this period, won with more than one goal. Buffalo made five goals in four goals. Since late autumn 2006, there has been a long-awaited victory in series A series, when ten consecutive games were won.

"Saber" has thus earned 30 points earned, making it possible to consolidate the third-party Eastern Conference and fourth in the premier league. The team of Girgenson attracts only three points from Nashville Predators' championship leader.

NHL-Eastern Conference General

V. The team SP U Z ZP P
1 Lightning 22 15 6 1 31
2 Maple Leafs 22 15 7 0 30th
3 Saber 22 14 6 2 30th
4 Blue jackets 21 12 7 2 26th
5 Bruins 21 11 6 4 26th
6 Canadiens 22 11 7 4 26th
7 Rangers 22 12 8 2 26th
8 Capitals 21 11 7 3 25th

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