Friday , August 12 2022

Future government's "new unification" wants to implement MEPRD in Latvia – News


In his assessment of the proposal of the New Conservative Party (JKP) for future government work, Aseraden admitted that "it is time to leave a little bit". Politicians said political parties, who are now responsible for a particular topic, are doing additional work on Monday for editing and presentation.

"Obviously in many areas we have questions about how to achieve our goals," he added, adding that foreign policy, education and economics belong to this field. Asheraden has promised tomorrow "New Unity" meeting "serious offer".

Asherden found in his negotiations with the JKP that he agreed that one or more ministries would be provided for "New Unity". "We have agreed that the first ministry is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs," said Asheren. "We made it clear that we are interested in MEPRD," said Jenny, who was promoted to prime minister, promising to think about it.

"We can see that the new monolith maintains strong ties with local political parties and we have very good competence in this matter," a politician commented on the idea that he wants to lead the MEPR.

During the election period, "New Unity", for example, showed interest in replacing Justice Department officials, and Aseräden, in assessing the development of political dynamics, pointed out that political power, including the regional dimension, Reforms. Thus, Asserado is repeatedly giving priority to IAEA leadership.

KPV LV Aldis Gobzems, a member of the 13th generation Saeima, did not show much interest in the leadership of the Education Sciences Department, currently under the chairmanship of Karlis Šadurskis (V), who was left behind the 13-year-old town. "He said on Monday he would propose to the Borden Minister of Education and Science to assess the role of" LNNK leader Raivi Dzintars "-" for all Latvia! "-" Country and Freedom ".

As reported, the JKP sent a proposal for a new government service to a potential coalition partner on Friday. JKP has proposed a work plan in advance, but this proposal has been supplemented and changed. In general, the government's work plan proposed by JKP is on page 13 and consists of 15 sections.

President Raimonds Vejonis Bordan has called for a two-week constitution by November 21, and the new government also said it should provide majority support. Unless otherwise agreed, the president will urge other prime ministers to form a government. President Bush expects the foreign minister and defense minister candidate to be reconciled with him.

JKP Saeima won the third largest support and 16 seats in the new parliament. Seven fountains work in the 13th Sammy Village. The largest group of 23 is Harmony, and JKP and KPV LV are AP, VL-TB / LNNK, 13, ZZS-11 and JV-8 members.

So far, all political forces have been involved in government-building talks except for "Concorde".

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