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Fill the bike off, noticeable damage


In & # 39; The past few days, from 23 November to 26 November, information was received over 181 cases when citizens went to police to help or found a criminal offense. 20 malfeasance against the life and health of a person were registered, 51 acts against public order and 26 homeowners.

In the last twenty days, 28 traffic announcements with four victims were registered in the Vidzeme region. At the rides of weeks, under the influence of alcoholic beetles, were nine drivers. 220 administrative protocols were set up, of which 80 were speed.

November 21 at 21:00 Gulbene-Wyk, Gulbene-Balvi, 8 kilometers The driver of the tractor flew from the foundation and turned over. The victim was taken to the hospital. The police declares the circumstances of the case.

November 23 at 12:00 Strenci district In addition to a local road, a man drove a motorcycle and walked over the stove, so it was a fall. The victim goes to the hospital. Police say what happened.

November 24 at 10:00 Limbaži region, in Limbaži-Aloja section of & # 39; the car, A man could not help his bike, which resulted in a fall, which resulted in a bad injuries. The victim is given medical help.

November 24th at 14:50 Burtnieki district, road Valmiera – Rūjiena – Estonian border on 12 km, The driver of the VW Passat does not choose any paths and water therapy that could not handle the cycling. The woman fled from the road and flew into & # 39; the ditch. In the event of an accident, a passenger succeeded. Police say what happened.

November 23 Ērgļi civil parish hit the balcony door, walked through an apartment and stuffed items. Refers to the circumstances such as the material damage. Criminal procedure.

November 24 at 8:00 Jaunpiebalga of an innocent Renault car steals cash cash with cash from 750 euro, a bank card and a free license. The police explains the circumstances. Criminal procedure.

On November 25, the people were informed about a driver who had been arrested. At departure, at 1:29 on the car Valmiera – Cēsis – Drabeši 5 km The driver of the Audi car, which was involved in the traffic without reddish and 2.14 drinks in alcohol, was stopped. It turned out that the car stopped on search, on November 24 at 16:00, a report was given that Audi was thrown out of the courtyard in Valka district. The man was arrested, and he was presented with a bankruptcy protocol.

November 26 at 3:36 In valmiera The driver of the VW Passat, who had dropped 1.48, was stopped, and the person had no driving license. The man volunteered to volunteer a gas weapon and cartridges that they found in Valmiera at a merchant shop. Police say what happened. A bankruptcy protocol is set up for alcohol drinking.

In the night of November 25, various keys that have left the traffic rules were under the influence of alcohol. Valka county Smiltene – Valka at 29 kilometers VW Golf has 2.94 animals of alcohol, In cesis Audi driver 2.94 promotes, but Beverlyn County Another Audi sender is diagnosed with 2.4 percent of alcohol. All administrations have a board record.

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