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Butens believes that 5G technology has different benefits. First, the higher Internet number. Instead, the expected 5G technology level, measured in gigabits per second, is compared to the typical 4G technology flow (megabits per second), making the faster increase in data data. For example, fullHD quality movies can be downloaded in seconds or in minutes. Secondly, higher bandwidth, allowing the network to record a lot more device and sensor, and users with a positive experience of using data services. And temporary is the low latitude or minimum expectations of about one millisecond instead of today's 30 to 40 mil- lion, which will make even more "communication" or connect between devices and the mobile network. For example, online games can be really in the same high quality as an optical wiring connection.

"Whether in online or" live "video in Bobsled is competing at the Olympic Games of Phoenician Phenomena, then # 39; s camera sports events It was one of South Korea's experiments on the practical use of 5G, and it was likely not much, but getting a quality video with 4G technology would be difficult, "explains BITE Technical Director.

Therefore, the mobile operator makes a great effort to get as precise as possible for the implementation of 5G standards and its supported technologies, including providing adequate radio frequency. For example, in October, the Board of Public Communications Commission (PUC) used the use of & nbsp; The BITES-subsidiary SIA Unistars for five radio-frequency bands and two 26 gigahertz (GHz) band ranges expanded for ten years. Thus, BITEI, in comparison with other operators, is currently available to the most frequency, which corresponds to the 5G standard guidelines that end of the end of # have been approved last year.

The 360-degree video is offered in the # skating skate board that could stop the quality of all jumps or galleries, detailed, the changes in & # 39; the entertainment and recreation industry, to promote the 5G technology. It will continue to fit with a local 5G network stadium and to use translucent elements of reality so that visitors can enjoy more exciting entertainment on TV, PCs or mobile devices.

The ability to create a high quality of the local area for your business is one of the great benefits of this technology, which has an important influence on & # 39; the development of the Internet of Things (IoT). The 5G network can provide a high level of connections (about a million km / km) with low power consumption. In addition, various solutions and services at different speeds and guaranteed quality at the same time will be possible in one overlay area. For example, one layer supports the network on the arena, the other connected car, but another – read on & # 39; the areas or the accompaniment of the patients.

Yet, there are currently technical solutions that make the development of the IoT network under the existing mobile network net. BITE is the first Latvian mobile telecommunication operator to introduce low bandwidth technology & # 39; Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT). It offers high quality layout and high connections density, which is important for the IoT network.

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