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Famous musicians Ieva Acuratere and Aivars Hermanis register the new solo album "Vēlēšana". This is her third collaboration with her, her former collaborations were albums "Silence between us" and "Piercing with the city". Musicians of the new album style are described as expressionism, that's for everyone who searches for music in their naturalness, sincerity, simplicity, and convenience at the same time.

Eve Akurateres and Aivars Hermanis joined together with 30 years ago. Include two beautifully beautiful songs. "Silence between us" with Igo poetry, known as the most erotic Latvian musical record. And "Piercing with the City", inspired by Linard Taun's poetry. The author of the new album's song is most Ieva Acuratere.

The imagination to create a new lens cycle Aivars Hermanis received a few years ago, when she first served with Eva in the words that Eva wrote in the 60th anniversary of Aivars.

"That Eve's text was great, and I said – Ieva, wrote another poem and made another piece, and then came here, came my poems and sent the melodies back," says Aivars Hermanis & Creation of & # 39; an album.

Ieva Akuratere had already been written for both her and Aigars Vītišķs and other musical soloists, but it was a long time ago and the long pause made the singer unsafe.

But Aivars Hermann's confidence in her was very motivational, just as the creative process had ideal conditions that the singer received a year ago.

"The last winter I had a happy accident that I freely free in the winter, and I dream of writing in my home, there is an ideal poetic landscape.

I was sitting alone at the table, the dog at my feet, I saw a window over the window of a sea-river, the other river that runs through the meadow and I dream of a poem there, "Ieva Acuratere thinks.

The song, which is very sweet for the singing artist, is "Moon", inspired by the shadow of the shadow in & # 39; the Dark Lacupitte.

"I'm scratching myself into the night by the shaws of Lāčupīte, shaded by the fishbirds, and enjoying the same natural mystery. Yes, I have secret secretions in the thick woods , "Do not give up.

If the authors relate, they have a common vision of the world, and it also creates the creative process. The most unusual was the adventure of the song "The Floor": Ieva, while poetry, held in the atmosphere of # 39; a Buddhist monastery, and it was a great wonder to them when Aivars, without knowing, was discovered in music.

"When writing these words I just thought about the philosophy of Zen-Buddhisme and Buddhisme, and about associations, symbols that came through this philosophy, but I did not tell Aivar.And Aivar made the sound of & Buddhist meditation or guidance, because he had just said it, and what does it do not do? "Remembers the singer.

"I can not explain how it works, I just read the poem, and it's just not that I'm combining something with it's in line with the internal rhythm of text, "said Aivars Hermanis.

Impresjism – a light, powerful scene with situations, lightning and lightning strikes – the same authors describe the mood of the new album. It was very natural and free, complementary and accessible.

"Philosophical science of our lives is very similar to our philosophy and thinking about symbols and associations we have found close to this platform, and therefore, these submissive signals in my verses, reach Aivars just enough, and he offers my verses a melody solution that drops further and falls the idea that I'm there, "says Acuratere.

The start of the new solo album "Wishing" will take place on December 5 in the music house "Daile". Unlike the films that have emerged in Herman's home studio, Museums Ilze Grunte, Juris Kristons and Matīss Akuraters at the Iveva and Aivars concert can be found.

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