Saturday , September 25 2021

‘Cracks’ did not select Girgenson in the NHL expansion draft

Seattle’s Kraken did not select striker Zemg Girgenson in the NHL expansion draft on Wednesday.


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The Buffalo “Sabers” striker Zemgus Girgensons was the only Latvian hockey player who was not defended by his team in the expansion draft.

From the Sabers, the Seattle team selected defender Will Borgen.

Among the most famous players came forward Janni Gurde under the protection of Kraken, who helped Lightning win the Stanley Cup for the last two seasons, as did Islander striker Jordan Eberle of New York.

The Seattle team also had the chance to beat Montreal Canadiens goalkeeper Kerry Price and striker from St. Louis. Louis Blues to nominate Vladimir Tarasenko, but contracts with these hockey players would make it difficult to fit into the salary cap.

Kraken became a full-fledged NHL team at the end of April. In December 2018, it was decided that the Seattle “Kraken” 2021/2022. becomes the 32nd unit of the NHL this season. The league’s entry fee was $ 650 million and the club made its final bail in the spring.

The Seattle team was able to select one hockey player from each of the 30 NHL teams in the 2021 expansion draft, with the exception of the last NHL team in Vegas, the Golden Knights.

The Kraken expansion design had the same conditions as the Golden Knights team. The Seattle unit could select one hockey player from each team, except the Golden Knights. The teams were able to defend seven strikers, three defenders and one goalkeeper as eight fielders and one goalkeeper.

The team logo will be a light blue letter S, symbolizing the hockey predecessors of the Seattle “Metropolitans” – the first Stanley Cup champions from the United States to win the trophy in 1917. At the top of the later S will be the eye of a red monster, which in turn will symbolize the power of the sea.

The Seattle unit will host home games at KeyArena Hall, formerly run by the NBA club SuperSonics, which became the Thunder in 2008 and moved to Oklahoma City.

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