Thursday , January 20 2022

Collect collections on the ability to get compensation for the presentation of non-payers from # 39; PVV to police


The publications portal "" began collecting subsidies for the opportunity to pay compensation for the presentation of non-recoverable payroll tax (VAT) to police.

The author of the initiative is Inguss Pušmucāns. He claims that there are a number of companies that do not pay VAT and can follow "at every turn" – in auto services, in market, in holiday homes, in cars, in server salons etc.

The author of the initiative knew that two options were often offered – with or without a control. "Sometimes, even if you pay for it, and if you expect that you do not choose, the host's offer will cost you a plus 20%, to see that money goes to the official path. no more normal! " lilke pussy mucan

The shadow economy is grappling with both honest entrepreneurs and the country as a whole, to charge taxpayers the taxes, said Pushmucan, adding that all honestly charged to pay for payments, an additional income in the budget and reduce the existing taxes.

In some countries, deputies are committed to transgressions, the author of the idea. For example, in Norway, as a civil invasion and paths incorporate baddies and reports to their police, police may be suspected of being caught by the debtor. If the assailant is off, a financial return is offered to the notification.

In the opinion of Pushmucan, as citizens know that they can be caught on every step, the number of criminals will be tough. Therefore, he reports that, when reporting to police about unreliable checks for a service or purchase, the reporting agent receives a financial burden, while not paying off the # 39; The harder price of VAT.

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